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Ski holiday with children

Children have lots of fun at a ski holiday in Lofsdalen – there are many areas and spaces for them to play. The ski slopes are kid-friendly and it is easy to get used to the lifts. Loffe, Lofsdalen’s little blue bear cub, dances and sings with the kids. After a day outside the activity house awaits with a playland, bowling and restaurant - all in a family friendly setting.


Playing easy in the ski area

It is no secret that the children have received extra focus in the ski resort. In Snölandet and Loffeliften, ski instructors stand as lift hosts, so that the children can get good tips and advice.

In the large children's area, children play among cones and figures on the slope, ride a ski carousel, meet Lofsdalen's mascot Loffe, ski, do tricks or go on a treasure hunt. The comfortable Lången express chairlift takes the whole family up to both green and blue skiing.

After skiing, the Activity Center awaits with a playground, bowling and good food in the restaurant.

Children's activities every week 

Lofsdalen's own mascot Loffe invites you every week to exciting competitions and activities such as
treasure hunt, cross-country race, après-ski and hanging out on the ski slope.

Why kids loves Lofsdalen

- Wide ski slopes.
- Two children's lifts and one conveyor.
- Happy and helpful lift hosts who want to teach mini skiers to ride a lift.
- Children's area in the slopes with ski carousel, cones and figures.
- Group ski school from three years old.
- Private ski school possible for children under three years old.
- Ski with Loffe, Lofsdalen's own mascot.
- Treasure hunt and snowmobile trip to Loffes hut.
- A Minipark with wide boxes and little jumps for small jibbers
- Härjedalen's largest playland, indoors at Aktivitetshuset, within walking distance of the hill.
- Free family evenings with bobrace and grilled sausage

Loffes music video

Finally, the kids can rock out to Loffe's own music on afterskin!
Check out Loffe's music video below or listen to Loffe's own songs on Spotify.


The story of Loffe

- The world's bluest, mischievous and kindest bear. One freezing night a long time ago, Loffe was born in a bear den next to Hovärken. Then he was brown and furry like all the other bear cubs, but when summer came, his mother realized that he was not at all like his bear siblings. Loffe thought that the best thing there was blueberries. Lots of blueberries. Lots of blueberries! Loffe ate so many blueberries that he ended up turning blue from head to toe. He was also so energized by all the blueberries that he didn't want to crawl into the bear den to sleep when winter came. So while all the other bears sleep, Loffe plays with his very best friends: the children in Lofsdalen.

Cross-country skiing for the little ones 

Taking a ride on the cross-country track is a popular activity in Lofsdalen. Even for the little skiers. To bring the very little ones along, there are mountain sledges and ski carts to rent, but as soon as the children start to be able to ride on their own, there are several easy excursion destinations to choose from.

Tour tips
Sagospåret - a 640 meter long loop lined with fairy tale characters and small stories. You can find the track at the electric power track.
The children's track - go for a ride and meet all the animals who happily cheer you on in the track along the approx. 500 meter long loop. The track starts at Hovärken's track center.
Solgropen - ski from Hovärken's trail center to our popular sun pit. A perfect place to hang out in the spring sun.
Elljuspåret - 2.8 km alt 1.6 km. A hilly loop in protected terrain. After half way you reach a nice shelter from the wind, perfect for rest and coffee.

5 tips when going cross-country skiing with children
- Adapt the length of the ski trip to the youngest in the family
- Let it take time
- Bring a lunch bag that everyone likes
- Dress the children correctly (layer upon layer)
- Make the ski trip a fun adventure, look around and let your imagination run wild

Children's favourite spots in Lofsdalen