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Mountain biking in Sweden, Lofsdalen

Mountains. Cycling. Socialize.

Lofsdalen has mountain biking with fantastic views.
Experience the mountains and cycling with the whole family in an easy way.
There are both downhillcycling with bike trails that only go downhill and trailcycling that both goes uphill and downhill with trails which is adventure for several days.
Cycle among mountain birches, swim in mountain lakes and enjoy the tranquility of Lofsdalen.

A warm welcome to our small mountain village where the heart beats for mountain biking.

Trail cycling: Ride which bike you want. Often a lot of uphill but also a lot of downhill. Lofsdalen has three trailbike areas with different levels of difficulty. With our Trailpass for trail cycling, you get access to all three areas. Tip! If you want to cycle in Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB, park the car by the lift and you can take two single trips with the lift when you have purchased a trailpass for trail cycling.

  • Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB is the family-friendly area with everything from very easy bike trails to difficult ones. Suitable for children and adults of all ages and levels of experience.
  • Cycling in Lofsdalen village offers playful cycle paths right by Lofsdalens Fjällhotell for children from 6 years and up. 
  • The south side of Lofssjön offers a real wilderness experience with cycling far out in the mountains. 

Downhill: Full suspension bike, protection and helmet that protects the entire face.'

  • In Lofsdalen Bikepark there are eight downhill cycle trails. The trails are machinedug and goes down the mountain in different degrees and difficulty. Here you ride the lift up and cycle downhill. To cycle here, you purchase a Bikepass and ride the lift as much as you like.

Mountainbiking in Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB


Share the trail. You bike in areas with multi-trails, intended for both bikers and hikers. Be prepared to meet hikers, who always have priority. Slow down, say hello and let them pass. 

Respect closed trails. If the trail is closed, there are good reasons for it. Never bike on a closed trail.

Follow marked bike trails. Bike on the trail - do not make new trails as they damage nature.

Avoid muddy trails. After rain and early in the season, the trails are muddy, avoid biking in the mud as it destroys the trail.

Reindeer encounters. It is a lot of reindeer in the area. If you encounter a reindeer, slow down, stop and wait until the reindeers have moved. Make sure the reindeer see you and are not surprised. This is especially important when you are biking as the reindeers easily get startled.

Trail Difficulties

Green trail

Our green trails are easy to cycle and can be cycled by everyone in the family. The trails are flat and have no technical elements. You can use any bike you want and oerfect for beginners. 

Blue trail

Our blue trails are easy to cycle, but unlike green triails, this can involve roots and stones that require more balance. There are trickier elements, but can be cycled over without major problems with basic cycling skills. Well-dosed turns and built wooden bridges are common elements as well as a little more height differences.

Red trail

Our red trails have more challenging technical parts that require experience in trail cycling. Most trails have built obstacles and natural challanges in the terrain. The trails require a mountain bike with suspension and include several height differences / climbs that require more fitness.

Black trail

Our black trails challenge the experienced trail cyclist with difficulties that require skill. The trails include built jumps or drops and are suitable for a fullsuspension bike. There are many technical elements and large height differences.