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Go snowmobiling on some of the best trails in Sweden, renowned among snowmobile enthusiasts. The trails partly extend high above the tree line in stunning mountain settings that offer extraordinary views.


Our ambition is to offer the best and longest snowmobile trails in Härjedalen. All are well-marked and many are groomed and as wide as five meters.Take the snowmobile and explore the fabulous expanses behind Sömlingshågna mountain on your own, or go on a snowmobile safari with experienced guides who will take you to the very best places. Make sure to take a coffee break at Våffelstugan (the waffle hut), and try ice fishing on the tarn or enjoy the sun while reclining on a reindeer skin far from civilization.

Lofsdalen is a real gem for snowmobile, the small village creates a nice community and the routes give a huge sense of freedom. There are trails from Lofsdalen to both Tännäs and Hede. Other trails take you to Sömlingshågna and the mountains in Dalarna, on the other side of the lake.

The Snowmobile guides top 5 trails you can't miss

1. Åsvallsleden eastwards

When you drive from Slagavallen to "Gapskjulet" you will have a view of the the entire valley with Lofsdalen and Hovärken on the left and Sömlingshågna and Fonnfjället to the right. 

2. Grillkåteleden

Here you can meet up with the cross country skiers at Pusshållsplatsen (The kiss stop) where the snowmobile trail and the cross country trail goes side by side. Perfect for the family to gather and have a barbecue when the whole family don't want to go snowmobiling. 

3. Norra leden

To go up to Lussifjället a sunny spring day, sitting in the spring sun and enjoy the vast view is simply a must. 

4. Upper södra leden

Here you can stop and get the classic picture of Hovärken and it's ski resort, but also see the national park Sånfjället in the background. We recommend you to take this trail southbound towards Hågntjärn. 

5. Strådalsleden

The perfect trail when the weather is a bit ruffled, fun trail with many hills and turns in sheltered terrain.