We are pleased that you have booked accommodation with us. A warm welcome to Lofsdalen!



Rental agent:

Destination Lofsdalen AB
Högbäcksvägen 3
842 96 Lofsdalen
Tel: +46 680 413 50

Destination Lofsdalen AB (referred to in the following as the Agent) acts as the agent for cabin and apartment rental (referred to in the following as property rental) in the name of and on behalf of the cabin or apartment owner (referred to in the following as the Property Owner). You enter into property rental agreements directly with the Property Owner. The Agent is not responsible for renting property to you. The Property Owner is responsible for providing you with a rental service.

As the Agent we ensure that:

– you receive a written confirmation of your booking.

– you receive documents and information about where the key can be found in good time, but not necessarily more than 30 days before your agreed arrival date.

– the cabin or apartment matches the description. However, we are not responsible for any promises that the owner or their contact person may have made directly to you without our knowledge and that we do not know about and should have known about. (Try to obtain promises of this kind in writing for safety’s sake.)

– you are informed of any important changes regarding your booking.

– you have access to the cabin/apartment from 16.00 on your agreed arrival date until 11.00 on your departure date, unless specified otherwise. If you are not satisfied with the cabin/apartment, you must contact us. We will inform the Property Owner. You can find out more about this below.

When does my booking become binding?

Both you and the Property Owner are bound by the rental agreement as soon as we have confirmed the booking and you have paid the deposit (or the full rental amount).

When and how shall I pay?

Booking earlier than 41 days before arrival

When booking earlier than 41 days before arrival, the registration fee is 20% of the amount. When booking by phone, the registration fee must be paid within 10 days from when we send you the confirmation. When booking online, the registration fee is paid at the time of booking. The rest of the amount must be paid no later than 41 days before the agreed arrival.

Booking later than 41 days before arrival

If you booked later than 41 days in advance, the full amount must be paid immediately, though it must be before the agreed arrival.

Long-term rental

If you have booked a period longer than 30 days, you do not have to pay the following 30-day periods until the last bank day before the start of each new 30-day period.

Payment is made online through the payment link sent to the email address specified when booking. Payment is made via credit card (Visa or Mastercard).


In cases where we have campaigns on selected accommodations, these apply to new bookings. If you have an existing booking, the above booking conditions apply.

When must I pay?

If you book more than 41 days in advance, the deposit is 20% of the full rental amount. If you book online, you must pay the deposit at the time of booking. If you book on the phone, you must pay the deposit within 10 days of us sending you the confirmation. The deposit will be deducted from the rental amount. The balance of the rental amount must be paid at the latest by 41 days before your agreed arrival date. If you have booked less than 41 days in advance, you must pay the full rental amount immediately. If you have booked a period longer than 30 days, you do not need to pay for the following 30-day period until the last bank business day before each new 30-day period starts.

What happens if I do not pay on time?

If you do not pay the deposit on time, we are entitled to cancel your booking. If you fail to pay the full rental amount, this is considered to be a cancellation on your part and the cancellation conditions apply.

Snow Guarantee

Destination Lofsdalen and Lofsdalen's ski facilities apply a "Snow guarantee", which means that guests who have booked through Destination Lofsdalen have the right to cancel accommodation, ski pass, ski school and ski rental with a refund in cases where Lofsdalen's ski facilities cannot deliver more than 5 slopes and 3 open lifts . The entire amount minus a cancellation fee of SEK 200 and any cancellation protection (SEK 450) is then refunded to the guest. The cancellation must be made via email or phone to Destination Lofsdalen between 3-1 days before arrival.

Ski in/Ski out means that under normal conditions it is possible to ski to and from the accommodation. In the event of thin snow cover, weather or other conditions that make this impossible, no compensation or refund will be given.


You can inform us that you want or need to cancel your booking either verbally or in writing. Your cancellation will not be valid if you send it to someone else or to the cabin/apartment. We are required to confirm your cancellation in writing on behalf of the Property Owner. If you cancel more than 41 days before your agreed arrival date, you only have to pay an administration fee of SEK 200. If you cancel 40 days or less before your agreed arrival date, you must pay 100% of the rental amount. If you have already paid more than you are required to pay, we will immediately refund the difference.


When cancellation insurance has not been signed or does not apply:

41 days or more before arrival: SEK 200

40-0 days before arrival: 100% of the booking price

When cancellation insurance has been signed and a valid medical certificate is available, the following applies:

41 days or more before arrival: SEK 650*

40-0 days before arrival: SEK 650*

*Corresponds to the cost of cancellation insurance and administration fee.

Cancellation insurance

If you have taken out cancellation insurance with us, we will refund 100% of the rental amount, provided that you send us a doctor’s certificate up to 24 hours before you are due to arrive. If you do this less than 24 hours before you are due to arrive, we will refund 95% of the amount. The cancellation insurance premium will not be refunded if you cancel. An administration fee will be made for all cancellations.


When cancellation protection has not been signed or does not apply:

41 days or more before arrival: SEK 200

40-0 days before arrival: 100% of the booking price

When cancellation protection has been signed and a valid medical certificate is available, the following applies:

41 days or more before arrival: SEK 650*

40-0 days before arrival: SEK 650*

*Corresponds to the cost of cancellation protection and shipping fee.

What if something happens to me?

You can insure against the cost of cancelling by taking out cancellation insurance with the Agent. The cancellation policy will be provided by the Agent and will insure you against the cost of cancelling. It costs 450 SEK per cabin/apartment and in some cases, it allows you to cancel up to and including the day before your agreed arrival date. (An administration fee of SEK 200 will be made for each cabin/apartment.)

The cancellation policy will apply in the following cases, provided that you were not aware of them when you made the booking:

a) death, illness, or a serious accident affecting you, your spouse, your partner, your family, or a travel companion.

b) call-up to the armed forces or civil defence force.

c) a serious event outside your control which you could not have anticipated when you booked and which means that it is not reasonable to require you to keep to your booking, for example a major fire or flooding at your home.

You must be able prove that there is a problem by providing a certificate or document, for example from a doctor, a public body, or an insurance company. The certificate should be sent to us as soon as possible, preferably within a week of the cancellation date. The cancellation insurance premium will not be refunded if you cancel.


What are my rights?
If the Property Owner does not provide the cabin/apartment in the promised condition or at the right time and is not able to offer you another cabin/apartment that differs only slightly from the one you booked, you have the right to terminate the rental agreement. The Property Owner must refund your entire payment via the Agent and must reimburse any reasonable costs that you have incurred and that you can provide proof of, with a deduction for any use you have made of the cabin/apartment. Instead of terminating the rental agreement, you can ask the Property Owner to reduce the rent. If you have a complaint, you should refer it to the Agent as soon as possible, but not later than 12:00 on the day after your arrival date. You will not receive any compensation for complaints if you refer them to the Agent later than 12.00 on the day after your arrival date. You must report immediately any faults that occur during your stay, so that we have the opportunity to rectify them. You are entitled to allow another person to use the property in your place. We must accept the person unless we have specific reasons for refusing to do so. You must inform us of this before the arrival date (and we will make a rebooking charge of SEK 200).

What are my obligations?
You must take care of the cabin/apartment and follow the regulations, instructions and other rules that apply. You are responsible for any damage to the property and its fittings resulting from your negligence or that of anyone in your group. You may not use the cabin/apartment for any purpose other than what was agreed at the time of booking (usually recreational purposes) and you may not allow more people to stay in the cabin/apartment or on the site than you specified at the time of booking. You must clean the cabin/apartment thoroughly before you leave. If fail to do this, we will clean the apartment at your expense. The minimum charge is SEK 3000. The Agent is entitled to refuse to do business with customers who are in breach of the obligations described above or do not comply with the general regulations and rules.

War, natural disasters, strikes etc.
Both you and the Property Owner are entitled to withdraw from the rental agreement if the cabin/apartment cannot be made available because of acts of war, natural disasters, labour disputes, long-term interruptions to the water or energy supply, fire or other similar events, which neither you nor we can predict or influence. In this case, the Property Owner is obliged to reimburse the money that you have paid as soon as possible, with a deduction for any use that you have made of the cabin/apartment.

What happens if we cannot reach an agreement?
Please refer any complaints directly to us. Remember that you may be less likely to receive compensation if there is delay in making the complaint. If we are unable to reach an agreement, you can approach the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes. It consists of an impartial chairman and a number of holiday company and consumer representatives.The municipal consumer advisor in your local area will be able to help you.

Other information
The cabins and apartments offered by Destination Lofsdalen AB are made available in the name of the Property Owner and on their behalf.Accommodation is only available to people over the age of 18. If someone cannot provide identification that confirms their age, the Agent is entitled to refuse them access to the accommodation.

It´s possible to make use of RUT deductions on the final cleaning. You can onlue use it if you are a swedish citizen and have the right to RUT deductions. Destination Lofsdalen AB reserves the right for the Swedish Tax Agency, upon request, not to grant the RUT deductions.

There is a ban on smoking in all the properties.
The cabins/apartments are self-catering.Guests must provide their own bed linen and towels. Please check that the property meets your requirements with regard to:

  • Access for disabled people
  • Pets
  • And that the arrival and departure date and the property correspond with what you booked.


Background: The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is the Regulation adopted by the European Parliament on April 27, 2016. It will apply to all EU member states on May 25, 2018. The purpose of the regulation is to protect individuals in the processing of their personal data.

Who processes your personal data: Personal data is processed by staff at Destination Lofsdalen AB, Lofsdalens Fjällanläggningar AB and, to a certain extent, by accomodation providers connected to the company. The data is also processed by Visit Technology Group AB.

What personal data do we process: Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, bank card details and bank account number. In case of illness that prevents travel, we also treat health information.

Where is the data stored: In the company's booking system, in binders in the company's premises as well as in booking systems for accomodation providers connected to the company.

How is the data processed: In binders and computers for which the company is responsible. The information is used to enable booking and guest contact. The company ensures that the data is not distributed to unauthorized persons. Sensitive personal information is not processed by e-mail, but only in paper form or by encrypted link. The data can also be used for direct marketing according to the so-called balance of interest. 

Personal data provider's rights: You have the right to anonymize your personal information as long as this does not affect the ability to make a reservation or violate other laws and regulations. You have the right to complain about the personal data handling to supervisory authority. You also have the right to get an extract of all the information that the company possesses about you and the knowledge of where they are stored.