Fiske i Lofsdalen

Fish trout and charger in Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen is known for really good fishing. The 20 km long lake Lofssjön is one of the best brown trout fishing waters in Härjedalen. Many claim it is the absolute best. The largest trout caught here was 9.75 kg.



Lake Lofssjön have really big brown trout. There are also plenty of pike, perch and burbot that are easy to fish from either boat or land.

Lakes Dyckessjön and Stråsjön are good for brown trout fishing. Lake Glötessjön is easy to access and has both char and perch. Mountain tarn Ruttjärn is a typical char water, also including some perch.

Lofsån, Glötån, Sömlingan and Stråhåarna are all fish-rich wilderness rivers; great for dry fly, nymph or worm bait fishing.

Do you want to increase your odds of catching fish? Laxnappet is the fishery at Lofsdalen where you only pay for the fish you catch. 125 SEK per kg. There are no licence requirements. For more information contact


There are plenty of fishing opportunities in scenic and untouched areas around Lofsdalen. Here, the veteran and the learner can stand side by side and choose to fish from lakes, mountain tarns and rivers.

You can purchase your fishing licence from the tourist office/Destination Lofsdalen, Karins Sportbod or ICA Nära.

Fishing is not allowed between the 21 of September and Saturday week 50.