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Are you excited to try one of Sweden's best Bike Parks for families, beginners and moderate riders? Welcome to Lofsdalen Bike Park!



June 23rd - August 15th 2020 Tuesday - Saturday at 10 AM - 4 PM
August 20th - September 6th 2020 Friday - Sunday at 10 AM - 4 PM


Find bicycles and gear at Sportshopen, just at the Bike Park.
Pre book at +46 680 - 553 05 tuesday - saturday) 


16 km trails
Modern 6-seat chairlift
Bike rental
Activity Centre and sports bar
Many activities apart from cycling are sure to guarantee an exciting visit.


A 65 m long pumptrack for kickbikes, skateboards, inlines and bikes is build outside of Aktivitetshuset, right next to the bike track. Enjoy! 

Pump Track
pumptrack lofsdalen


  Adults Children 8-15
One ride 60 sek 50 sek
1 day 300 sek 240 sek
2 days 550 sek 440 sek
3 days 780 sek 620 sek
4 days 990 sek 780 sek
5 days 1180 sek 920 sek
Season 2490 sek 1900 sek

Map over our tracks

Downhill karta
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Downhill biking may seem daunting, but there is much more to it than just speed and jumps.

Our experienced guides will give you tips prior to your visit to Lofsdalen Bike Park, and you can also book a guided tour. Please ask us about the bike trails that are suitable for you.

Before you get on the chairlift, spend some time at our test area where you can do various balance exercises and jumps. Start by cycling gently through the first trail. Familiarise yourself with the track and ride it more than once. After having been through all curves and having a feel of the flow, you can increase the speed.

Book your guide at Skidboden phone +46680-553 05