Mountain bike trails in Sweden, Lofsdalen

This mountain village offers Sweden´s sweetest Mountainbike trails. A whole new area with trails is beeing built high up the mountain - ready to welcome your family. 

Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB - 20 km of biking trails

Discover Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB - a perfect activity for the whole family!

Biking trails in Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB

Bike Map

For whom: The whole family, regardless of skill level or bike type. Even balance bikes can have fun here.
How to get here: The easiest way to reach Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB is by taking the lift from the mountain resort or from the parking lot at Hovärken Trail Center (at the top of Hovärksvägen).
Opening hours: When the snow has melted (latest until midsummer). In Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB, you are welcome to bike and hike until the snow arrives.
Trail Pass: You can purchase a trail pass with or without a lift ticket. If you are staying in Lofsdalen village and want to avoid transporting the bikes behind your car, the lift is perfect.

Lofsdalen is a place where the family can relax and have fun together. With the mountains as a backdrop and a variety of activities to choose from, it's hard not to enjoy it here. One of the most exciting activities in Lofsdalen is mountain biking, and Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB is a true paradise for cycling enthusiasts.

News! This year, Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB has three new exciting trails to test your skills on.

  1. Supernova is a blue flow trail with lots of exciting turns and curves.
  2. Kingwood is a red trail that is more technical and challenging, perfect for more experienced cyclists.
  3. Torvstigen is a blue trail that quickly takes you up to the area if you start from the Panorama parking lot.

To make your day even more comfortable, we are building a large shelter in the heart of Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB, which will be ready at the end of July. Perfect for taking a break and recharging during the day. Additionally, we are starting the construction of a new bike trail around Hovärken and another one from the top of Hovärken, which will be ready for the next summer season.

Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB is a fantastic activity for the whole family. Whether you are new to mountain biking or an experienced cyclist, there is something for everyone. So book your trip to Lofsdalen today and experience the excitement of mountain biking in the mountains!

The project is part of Vision Lofsdalen.

Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB offers 20 km of mountain bike trails in various difficulty levels.


Teknikpark Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB

The heart of Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB is situated at an altitude of 800 meters with breathtaking views. Here you'll find shelters, a barbecue area, trails for both young and adult riders, and Sweden's most beautiful technical area.


Biking trails in Lofsdalen village

Enjoy mountain biking and gravel biking along the illuminated track with the whole family

For whom: Children from 10 years old have fun on the cycling loop, for younger children, the illuminated track is suitable, as well as Lofsdalen Mountain Park MTB
Opening hours: From early June until the snow arrives
How to get here: Follow the signs towards Lofsdalen Mountain Resort and Lofsdalen Mountain Hotel. The cycling loop is located in the illuminated track across from the Mountain Hotel and features several fun trails named Humlan, Knottet, and Getingen.

Lofsdalen village has much to offer for families who want to explore the fantastic nature on two wheels. The MTB loop in the village is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to try mountain biking with their children. These short, playful trails are perfect for kids looking to have some fun on their bikes. Here, the whole family can have a great time together and challenge themselves on different difficulty levels. Additionally, you can try gravel biking along the illuminated track, which offers a challenge for both adults and children.

The cycling loop in Lofsdalen village is also an ideal place for a stroller walk, allowing you to explore the area at your own pace. There is also an outdoor gym along the loop, providing the opportunity to strengthen and improve your fitness. The Activity House and the Mountain Resort's pump track are within walking distance from the cycling loop, making it easy to bring your bikes and try new challenges.

Lofsdalen village is a fantastic place for families who want to experience cycling together. Whether you want to try mountain biking on the cycling loop or explore the area on gravel bikes along the illuminated track, there is something for everyone. So, bring the whole family to Lofsdalen village and experience cycling in the stunning mountain nature.


Discover fantastic mountain bike trails around Lofssjön!

Read more about the trails on the southern side of Lofssjön here

Bike map

Directions: Follow the signs towards Västvallen. Park at the parking lot and start at the bike sign that says Stenrutsleden MTB.
For whom: The trails on the southern side of Lofssjön are much more physically demanding than our other mountain bike trails. Less experienced cyclists are recommended to use an e-bike for the best experience. These trails are suitable for families with older children aged 12 and above.
Opening hours: Stenrutsleden MTB, Pilgrimsleden MTB, Rutvallsleden MTB, and Vildmarksleden MTB are open from Midsummer to August 24.
Trail pass: Purchase your trail pass here:

If you're looking for a unique and thrilling cycling experience, you've come to the right place. On the southern side of Lofssjön, there is a wide range of mountain bike trails suitable for all levels of cyclists. Whether you're an experienced mountain biker or a beginner, Lofsdalen has something for you.

One of the most popular cycling routes in Lofsdalen is Stenrutsleden MTB, an intermediate trail that takes you uphill to a spectacular viewpoint with many technical challenges. Take the opportunity to enjoy a waffle at Lofsdalens Våffelstuga (check their Facebook page for opening hours). For a more relaxed ride, you can choose to cycle around Lofssjön on an easy gravel road, perfect for taking in the breathtaking views of the landscape. This route, called Lofssjön runt, is a 42 km long gravel road with some sections of asphalt that goes around the lake and is an amazing experience for cyclists of all levels.

For a more adventurous cycling experience, you can try Vildmarksleden MTB, which is a 17 km long mountain bike trail with varied terrain, including a lot of technical cycling. This trail takes you deep into the beautiful mountain world, allowing you to experience some of Sweden's most spectacular landscapes.

Our bike trails are tailored for all levels of cyclists, so whether you're a beginner or experienced rider, you will find a trail that suits you. For beginners, we recommend cycling Lofssjön runt, while more experienced cyclists can choose a more technical trail like Stenrutsleden MTB or Vildmarksleden MTB.

Lofsdalen is an ideal place to explore. You will appreciate the serene environment and the breathtaking views of the mountains and the lake. There are also many other activities to try, such as fishing, hiking, and paddling if you want a break from cycling.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your bike to Lofsdalen and discover a new world of mountain biking!



Stenrutsleden MTB and Vildmarksleden MTB offer an amazing nature experience. One tip is to rent an electric bike as there are many altitude meters to conquer.

Stenrutsleden MTB

 Stenrutsleden MTB takes you deep into the mountains. Here, it's recommended to pack a water bottle, snacks, and a bike repair kit for your ride.


Trailpass utan lift
  Vuxen Barn 8-15 år
1 dag 140 70
3 dagar 310 155
Vecka 470 235
14 dagar 660 330
Säsong 1000 500


Köp trailpass

Trailpass med lift (2 enkelturer/dag) 
  Vuxen Barn 8-15 år
1 dag 220 155
3 dagar 585 390
Vecka 925 620
14 dagar 1560 1100
Säsong 2275 1580