Lofsdalens padelhall 4 gb


It´s time to serve! Lofsdalen Padel court are open and offers a new adventure to do when you visit Lofsdalen - summer and winter, all year round.

The venue offers 5 tracks - 2 single track and 3 double tracks within 1500 square meters in total. You find the building just at the eastern entrance to Lofsdalen, at Tjädervägen 1.



Double track, 4 pers  60 min 400 SEK
Double track, 4 pers 90 min 600 SEK
Single track, 2 pers 60 min 320 SEK

Book at MATCHi or sent a request to padel@lofsdalen.com or +46 (0)680 - 553 15. 


Take the chance to show your brand to Lofsdalen padel guests, for more information, contact: 

Hanna Larsson, Lofsdalens Fjällanläggningar
hanna.larsson@lofsdalen.com, + 46 680-413 50 


Scoring is the same as in tennis
The lines on the court are only used when serving
Serves must be hit underhand and bounce in the opponent’s serving box (diagonally)
A serve may bounce up onto the glass wall, but if it bounces on the mesh it is a fault
Players have two serves
If the ball goes directly in the opponent’s wall it is counted as out. Before the ball hits the opponent’s wall it must bounce on the ground
Volley (not when serving) or half volley can be played, or the ball can bounce on the glass/mesh wall
The ball may also be hit onto the player’s own glass wall to get it over to the opponent’s half of the court
The player may not hit the ball into the mesh on his/her own side



Scoring in padel is exactly the same as in tennis. You play the best of 3 or 5 sets and in each set you have to win 6 games.

In a game, you count points as follows: 0, 15, 30, 40, game. If the score is 40-40, someone must win by two points for the game to be decided.

In one set, it is important to come first to 6 won games. If, on the other hand, the score is 5-5, you play to 7 won games. If the score is 6-6, you play a decisive game, called tiebreak. Tiebreak is first played to 7 won points, where you must also win by at least two points.