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Rent out your cabin

Renting out your cabin or apartment when you are not using it will bring you some additional income. Destination Lofsdalen is a property rental agent in Lofsdalen. We make renting out your property easy, convenient and safe. There is currently a lot of demand for cabins and apartments in Lofsdalen and we are constantly looking for new rental properties.


This is what we offer

You only pay for our services when we rent out the cottage 
No fixed costs. Our compensation consists of commission  received when we mediate the accommodation. The commission covers reception services, booking, administration and inspection of the appartment / cottage after departure for the occasions we rent out the apartment / cottage to you.

Bookable at Lofsdalen's largest online booking
Your cottage / appartment can be seen and booked at, which has over 200,000 visitors a year. Here guests can book ski passes, ski school, ski rental, bike passes, bike rental, boats, wildlife safaris etc. in the same online shopping cart, which is a great advantage for the guest but also for the sale of accommodation.

Effective marketing efforts for maximum occupancy
We run active and convertible traditional and digital advertising. We have strong social media accounts with 17,170 followers on Facebook (updated August 2020) and 10,700 followers on Instagram (updated August 2020). We work actively with PR.

Foreign agent collaborations
We have great long-term relationships and collaborations with foreign agents, which helps us to have a relatively high occupancy rate even during the summer months.

Dynamic packaging
In low season, we create attractive packages containing, for example, children's activities, ski passes and accommodation that make us competitive with other mountain destinations.

Continuous digital development
We work actively with our suppliers for web, online booking and sales to constantly improve the booking flow and be competitive.

Safe and secure
We make sure that you always get compensation for your cottage / appartment and take the risk towards the guest. We have a client fund account where your cottage / appartment rent is safe until the guest leaves and we pay the compensation to you.

Reception and booking open all year round
December - Easter and midsummer - mid-August we have tourist information, reception and booking open 7 days a week. Other times of the year 5 days a week.

Supply the market with at least five high season weeks and get a discount
If you as a private cottage / appartment owner choose to rent out at least 5 high season weeks in a year, we offer a lower commission.

Free photography and product description

Property service for the cottage / appartment 24 hours a day, all year round, with a large warehouse
We offer professional real estate service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We stock items and equipment so that you and your guests get the quickest possible help if something breaks or needs to be fixed. The low, fixed fee includes raising / lowering the heating and switching on / off of water before and after the season, as well as shoveling to the front door before the first arrival of winter. Other work is invoiced continuously and always in dialogue with you as a owner.

Let us know which weeks you would like to rent out your cabin and we will add it to the search facility in our booking system, which means that it can be booked by anyone who visits


- Destination Lofsdalen AB's possible profit goes to marketing and product development of Lofsdalen.

- We invest a large budget every year in the marketing and development of where your object is being described. We mostly use digital channels and also buy ads in printed media in order to drive traffic to where the guest does their purchase. We also work with place marketing to get more guests to discover and choose Lofsdalen over other mountain resorts.

- At, the guest can book their entire travel experience in the same shopping cart, with accommodation, ski passes, sports rentals, ski school, activities, which is both convenient for the guest and a competitive advantage.

-  As a member of the business association "Lofsdalsfjällen's tourist industry economic association", we pay a turnover-based membership fee and invest time in destination development. Right now, the association runs the project "Vision Lofsdalen" which builds Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB with cycling and hiking trails.

- We conduct Lofsdalen's tourist information without regional / municipal support and make sure to help Lofsdalen's guests to orient themselves and get the most out of the village.


Personal på Destination Lofsdalen

Staff at Destination Lofsdalen.
From left - Sara Ivansson (Booking & Front desk manager), Rasmus Bergström (Caretaker), Harald Ugglas af Åberg (Marketing Coordinator), Lotta Anestedt (CEO), Tilda Rosenqvist (Booking- och Front desk agent), Lars Henriksson (Caretaker), Hanna Larsson (Accounting clerk), Martin Hansson (Accounting clerk).


When you rent out your accommodation, it is important that you have a cottage owner / caretaker on call around the clock. We at Destination Lofsdalen are happy to help you with this. The service can be addded and arranged with us when signing your agency agreement. Of course, you can sign an agreement with us for cottage supervision / property service even if you do not rent out your cottage.

We charge a fixed fee every year and it includes snow shoveling, switching on water and raising the heat for the winter season. It also includes lowering the heat and turning off the water when the winter season is over. You also have access to property managers that are on call 24 hours a day, all year round and who charge per hour if or when something happens that needs to be fixed. We have a warehouse with appliances, cleaning products and consumables so that you can quickly get help if something breaks or is missing.

Are you interested or want to know more?

Contact Destination Lofsdalen.
Tel: +46680-413 50


It is important that the location and furnishings of the cabin are suitable for holiday visitors. There is most demand for cabins and apartments close to the ski slopes, cross-country skiing trails and snowmobile tracks.