Lofsdalen bike map

Lofsdalen's cycling is available in three areas.

1. Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB, is a family-friendly cycling area with several miles of trail bike paths and wonderful views. You can get here by taking the Lången Express lift or parking at the top of Hovärksvägen by Hovärkensspårcentral.

2. South side Lofssjön, where Stenrutsleden MTB, Vildmarksleden MTB and Pilgrimsleden MTB are located. Here you can cycle from Lofsdalen village or park at Västvallen's track center on the south side of Lofssjön. Follow the road signs to Västvallen.

Lofsdalen Downhill. Family-friendly downhill, perfect for the beginner but also with really good trails for the advanced cyclist. Park at Lofsdalen's mountain facility and take the Lången Express lift.

Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB karta norra sidan

Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB

Cykelkarta södra sidan 2021

South side of lake Lofssjön

Downhill karta

Downhill Lofsdalen