Höstlov Lofsdalen

Autumn break in Lofsdalen

The Swedish Autumn Break (week 44) are a pleasant time in Lofsdalen when the village is full of life. Make a bargin in some of the shops, go for a  quiz walk and win great prices or enjoy good food in one of the restaurants. The prices on lodging are extra cheap during this time of year so take the chance to get a really luxurious cabin to the lowest possible price.


Activities 2019


  • Destination Lofsdalen: Monday-friday 09-17
  • Skoterköket: Lunch monday-saturday kl 11-15. Dinner monday-thursday and dinnersitting friday-saturday at 17.30 and 20.00 (pre-booking)
  • Skoterhuset: Monday-saturday 9-17.
  • Ica Nära: Monday-friday 10-18, saturday 10-17, sunday 11-15
  • Karins Sportbod: Monday-saturday 10-17
  • Sportshopen: Friday-saturday 10-16
  • Trapper: Every day 11-21
  • Aktivitetshuset: Friday-saturday 11-22, sunday-tuesday 11-21, wednesday-thursday 11-22, friday 11-01, saturday11-23, sunday 11-17
  • Kokhuset Hantverk and Vintage: Monday-saturday 11-17
  • Lofsens Fjällbys reception: Monday and saturday 10-12

Several days during the week

  • Treasure hunt at Trollstigen between 10-14 Mon-Thurs. Find Captain Krok's lost treasure chest. In the coffin is a part of a treasure .... The rest of the treasure, you will fish up from Captain Krok's pond at Destination Lofsdalen. You will pick up the treasure map at Destination Lofsdalen. Price: SEK 50 / child
  • Autumn holiday on Raxeria's sled dog kennel. Come and visit a kennel and get a tour of how life behind the scenes works between 14-16 friday-sunday (1-3/11). This year they have 2 puppies at the kennel. After the tour you will gather at the campfire where you will be offered hot drinks and "fika". Pre-register to [email protected] or via sms at +46725-645333. Price: 200SEK/adult and 100SEK/child.
  • Kokhuset Hantverk & Vintage will have a lots of news in the store this week.
  • Skoterhuset will have a large sale of clothing and a lots of news for the winter will decorate the store.
  • Playground and bowling at Aktivitetshuset is open every day.
  • Work out with Hanna during the autumn break. More information will come.
  • Flea market in Glöte between 10-15 fri-sun (1-3/11)

Thursday 31/10

  • Halloweendisco at Leklandet at Aktivitetshuset kl 14-17. All kids get ice cream for free. Price: 100 SEK.

Friday 25/10

  • Pizza and bowling at Aktivitetshuset for 150 SEK.

Wednesday 30/10

  • Exclusive Mackmyra whisky tasting at Aktivitetshuset of this year's news at 7pm. Price: 295 SEK. Pre-registration is required, +46680-553 19 or [email protected]

Onsdag 28/10

  • Träna med Hanna utomhus- Kondition och styrka. Drop-in! Ni samlas på parkeringen vid Karins Sportbod. För mer info och pris se tranamedhanna.se

Torsdag 29/10

  • Workshop vid Uppvallens fäbod - skapa din egna krans kl 11-15.
  • Spökvandring vid Uppvallens fäbod kl 17-19. Kom och möt spöken och demoner om du vågar. Utomhus. 60kr/pers inkl varm dryck och kaka.
  • Uppvallens fäbod har prylboden öppen 11-15. Möjlighet till korvgrillning finns.

Friday 1/11

  • Cross country ski premiere in Elljusspåret. Thanks to Masterplan 2.0, Lofsdalen has a 1.5 km long artificial snow track that will open for the season today.
  • Maloja Clothing is on site at Karin's sports shop. There will be great deals on clothing from previous collections.
  • Quiz walk with nice prices. Tips tags can be picked up at Destination Lofsdalen from 11am. The quiz walk ends at 14am.
  • Treasure hunt starting at Skidboden. Loffe has hidden his treasure chest. Can you find it? In the coffin, a reward awaits. At 10-16. Price: 50 SEK / child
  • The grill is lit at Skidboden at 10-16, where you can grill your own sausage.
  • Skidboden is open from 10am to 4pm where you can buy season skipass and grind your skis.
  • Barbecue buffet with troubadour Daniel Wiklund at Aktivitetshuset from 18.00.
  • Expo outside Skoterhuset at 10-16.
  • After-expo at Skoterköket 15-17.
  • Entertainment and music quiz with troubadour at Skoterköket at 21.00.

Saturday 2/11

  • Flea market along the village road at 11-15. Registration is made to [email protected]
  • Children's Vasalopp. Go cross-country skiing with Loffe. Joint start at 14 at Snölandet. Drop in until 3 pm. All competitors receive blueberry soup and medal.
  • Pyssel, fairytale and play in tipi and Snöleken at 13-16.
  • Open house at the fire station in Lofsdalen between 11-15.
  • The grill is lit at Skidboden at 10-16, where you can grill your own sausage.
  • Skidboden is open from 10am to 4pm where you can buy season skipass and grind your skis.
  • Expo outside Skoterhuset at 10-16.
  • After-expo at Skoterköket 15-17.
  • Discobowling at Aktivitetshuset. 
  • Kingen plays at Skoterköket from 21.00.