Höstbild ruttjärn

Autumn is the hidden gem of the mountains

Do you love hiking, biking or fishing? Do you love the tranquility and the feeling to have the nature for yourself? In that case, a trip to Lofsdalen is recommended this autumn. 

The autumn in Lofsdalen is some what of a hidden season. Far from the pulse of winter and the summer heat. The those who have visited the village this time of the year knows it has a lot to offer. The colors shift from green to red, yellow and orange while the temperature drops at night and creates blood red sunrises over the frosty lake Lofssjön. 

- The autumn is one of my favorite seasons in the mountains. The colors are amazing. To hike in a shimmering landscape a crispy September day is something everyone should experience, says Maria Hasselgren, CEO at Destination Lofsdalen. 

Sunrise over lake Lofssjön

A good autumn hiking trip is to go up to lake Ruttjärn on the south side of Lofssjön. From here you have a magnificent view of the ski mountain Hovärken, the village and Lofssjön. Ruttjärn is also a good fishing lake, why not catch a trout to throw the grill for the evening or for lunch?

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Autumn is also the season of berries and mushrooms. A good year, there are plenty of blueberries and lingonberrys at the marshes closest to the lake and cloudberries if you go out a bit up the mountain. You can also find both chantarelles and cep mushrooms . Why not combine the exploration with a bike ride around Lofssjön? Renting an electric bike makes it even easier!

- Autumn is also very affordable. Why not treat yourself to a little nicer accommodation, for example in the area Höglandet. Where you can sit down in front of the fire and look at the blissful view of Lofssjön and Hovärken, continues Maria.

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The one who thinks Lofsdalen is completely bumble after the summer is completely wrong. For your convenience, both restaurants, activity house, café and the grocery store are open, although opening hours may be a bit more limited than during peak season.

During the autumn holidays there are also a variety of activities to enjoy, such as quizes, children's activities, sales outlets and, for the snow-enthusiasts, cross-country skiing on artificial snow.

Facts Hiking in Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen offers easy access hiking where you can take the car up to the Hovärken parking lot and walk straight on to the tundra with magnificent scenery or you can start the walk directly from the cottage. For those who are looking for some more challenging trips, they start from Västvallen and head up to the mountains Svanhågna and Sömligshågna and then continues into Dalarna.

  • App with hiking maps and tour suggestions
  • Barbecue places and wind protection with fire wood on site
  • Short trips for those who walk with young children
  • Demanding longer trips for those who want to go far
  • Trails suitable for trail running