Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB

For the youngest children. The friends. The experienced cyclist.

Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB offers you a great mountain bike experience with plenty of winding trails. From here you are given an amazing view over the mountains and the trails are suitable for the entire family. You easily access the area by taking the chair lift Lången Express or from the parking lot at Hovärkens Spårcentral. Gather around the barbecue and enjoy a full day of biking. The area expands every year and new trails are in the making.

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Here, high up in the mountains, we have carefully built the new bicycle area in Lofsdalen. 
The view is in focus here and you will find trails up here for each and every one, the smallest kids with balance bikes and you who are an experienced cyclist looking for challenges. 

To discover the mountains on a bicycle is beautiful and really something extra. You get ahead faster and further. Our MTB-trails are built to follow the nature and they go both upwards and downwards. Our goal is that Bicycling in Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB will put a smile on your face and make you long even more for cycling. 

This year's big news is everything that has been built around our trail hub, the heart of Fjällparken. Here you will find our finished technical area, our new blue flow trail, a new red difficult trail that really needs to be cycled several times and a faster way up to the area through a new blue trail from Hovärkensspårcentral.

"During the summer of 2023, we will build approx. 8 km more bike path. We will build the area's signature path - a blue, flow path that is the best we have built in the area so far. We will also build new windbreaks at the heart" Helena Fjellgren, project manager Vision Lofsdalen

Cykla med barn i Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB is fun for both children and adults.

Cykla i fjällen med barn

Many child-friendly cycling routes, suitable for young children with balance bikes as well as older adventurers

Nybyggda cykelleder i flera olika svårighetsgrader.

Newly built bike trails with varying levels of difficulty

Hoppa med cykeln i Lofsdalen.

Jump with your bike in Lofsdalen.

Teknikpark Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB

Technical area in the heart of Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB. Here you can practice jumps, drops, and rock gardens


In the heart of Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB is our technical area. Directions: The technical area is located at the shelters (the heart). Cycle the blue trail from the Hovärkens parking lot up to the shelters, or take the lift up and then the Krocket trail.

The technical area includes:

  • Rock gardens - practice your technique when cycling over rocks. Here you have three rock gardens of varying difficulty levels.
  • Jumps - there is both a blue (rollable jumps), red, and black jump line.
  • Drops - four different heights for drops.

GET SMART - always take it slow and cycle through everything first. Stop, get off your bike, and go check it out.

1. Start Small
2. Make a plan
3. Always look
4. Respect
5. Take it easy



Mitt i hjärtat på Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB finns vårt teknikområde. 
Hitta hit: Teknikområdet ligger vid vindskydden (hjärtat). Cykla blå leden från Hovärkensparkering upp till vindskydden eller ta liften upp och sedan leden Krocket. 

Teknikområdet innehåller

  • Stenkistor - träna upp din teknik när du cyklar över stenar. Här har du tre stenkistor i olika svårighetsgrader. 
  • Hopp - här finns både en blå (rullbara hopp), röd och svart hopplinje. 
  • Drop - fyra olika höjd på drops. 

GET SMART - tänk på att alltid cykla igenom allting lugnt först. Stanna, kliv av cykeln och gå och kolla. 

  1. Start Small
  2. Make a plan
  3. Always look
  4. Respect
  5. Take it easy

Hopp i Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB

Jump with your bike. Practice and improve your jumping technique

Utmana dina vänner i duellbanan

Utmana dina vänner i duellbanan (blå svårighetsgrad - enkel)

Ledvärd - stigbyggare Lofsdalen

Say hello to our trail hosts and trail builders. They wear blue t-shirts and jackets and are out cycling on our trails

Drops Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB

Drops i fyra olika höjder

Bicycle in the mountains with children

To discover the nature with children should be fun and easy. Plan your adventure based on your childs' age and level of knowledge. We have built Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB with you and your children in our minds. Therefore there are different ways to get to the MTB area, depending on if you want to use the chair lift or get there by car. We have made many places to rest along the trails and the trails are made with different levels of difficulty. The key to a fun adventure is always lots of "fika", happiness and rest. Welcome out! 

Bicycle trails in Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB

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