Trail 20 - Rock n Roll

Blue/Medium trail
Length - 2,8 km
Aprox. time - 0,5-1 hours

Starting point / parking space - Spårcentralen at Hovärksparkeringen or Lången Lift.

Rock n Roll is a blue trail without jumps or drops, but it is tougher uphill than the green trail and has several flowturns downhill. The trail starts from Whiskeyvägen (gravel road that goes through Fjällparken up to the top of Hovärken).

Always cycle calmly once to learn the curves before you take more speed the second lap.
If you start at Whiskyvägen, Rock n Roll ends at the Lången Express lift in
Lofsdalen Bike Park and then we recommend riding Fjälleden which is a green
trail that goes well with both MTB and downhill bike. The mountain trail takes you down to the mountain resort where it is possible to have lunch. Then you can take the Lången Express lift back up the mountain again.

Thank you for purchasing a Trailpass. You enable us to continue to develop and maintain our trails so they can last for generations. You can buy a trail pass at With the trail pass, you can also take two single trips with the lift per day, so a tip is to start the day at the mountain facility, see the lift's opening hours

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