Trail 12 - Digervålen

Start/parking - Trailhub Hovärksparkeringen.
Length - 5,4 km
Time - 1,5-2 timmar

Park at Hovärken's trail hub and follow the cross markings out on the bare mountain towards "Solgropen". The first kilometer is a paved path to Solgropen, which during the winter is a well-visited sun paradise for families in Lofsdalen. After Solgropen, continue on a well-trodden path up to Digervålen, and then make sure to enjoy the beautiful view of Lofssjön and Dalarna mountains.

Once at the top, you can now enjoy the magnificent view of Sonfjället in the north and to the south is the mighty Sömlignshågna. A clear and beautiful day you can see all the way to Funäsdalsfjällen and all the way into the Norwegian mountain world. The feeling of climbing a mountain top is unbeatable for children as well as adults.

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