Vårvinter i backen

Spring-Winter guide to Lofsdalen

There's a time in the mountains when the days get longer, the temperatures rise and the slopes soften. This time of the year is known as the fifth season or the spring-winter and occur in the scandinavian mountains in march and april. This is the time for the real enjoyers.


In the list below you will learn everything you need to know before your ski holiday this time of the year. In this way, you'll be an experienced spring-winter enjoyer before your visit. 

1.    Enjoyable alpine skiing

This time of the year, there's no such thing as cold toes or shivering in the chair lift. Instead put your sunglasses on and zip down your jacket. Alpine skiing in it's most enjoyable shape. Carve down soft manchester slopes and don't forget to take a break or two at a barbecue place or a sun pit. 

2.    Try ski touring

This is the best time of the year for ski touring. Get your skies, sunglasses and sunscreen on and discover the 150 km of touring trails offered in Lofsdalen. The trails are easy to access and along the way you can stop and have a barbecue at one of the barbecue huts or you can get your lunch lunch served if you take the trail by Våffelstugan.

3.    Treat yourself to a restaurant visit or two

Why spend valuable holiday time on cooking when you can let one of the many restaurants in Lofsdalen do the job instead. Lofsdalen offers taste sensations for all tastes and price ranges and the menus stand everything from bear meat chips to real italian pizzas.  

4.    Indulge yourself in Lofsdalen Skybar

1125 meters above sea level you will find the connoisseur's mecca in the circular building at Hovärken's peak. Sit down and enjoy simple lunch, a cup of hot chocolate or a Mackmyra whiskey and enjoy the view. On a clear day you can look far out over the surrounding mountains and right into Norway.

5.    Don't forget to laze

A true live-enjoyer knows it's important not to overdo it. Don't forget to take a day to just relax, after all, you are on vacation! Bring a good book, a cup of hot drink, and sit along the cottage wall. Enjoy the spring sun, the view and the silence ...