Skogsleden 3,6 km one way - easy cycle path. 0-1 hours

Trail type: Machine-dug trail. Length: 3.6 km. One of Lofsdalen's fines trails is perhaps also the most popular. It is wide and nice and suitable for both beginners and advanced cyclists.

The first 1.5 km are mostly without curves but with several jumps, drops, step ups and rolls. The trail is built so that it is possible to roll over the jumps and the trail therefore suits the whole gang. The second half becomes more swinging with large velodromes and wooden bridges. Challenge yourself and take one of the red parting trails alongside members. There are bigger jumps and wood features. All cyclists, regardless of riding skills, will find their own challenges and favorite pieces in this trail. Full protection equipment + full face helmet required for this trail.

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  • Summer