Skiing for everyone

In Lofsdalen, we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy skiing.
Here you will find information about what applies when accompanying and when using various special equipment.

Skipass for companion

In accordance with SLAO's (Our trade association) guidelines, we offer a ski pass to the companion who has a so-called companion certificate or service certificate.
On presentation of the certificate and ID, the companion then receives a free ski pass with the same validity period as the discounted skier has purchased. We approve such certificates from healthcare, the municipality, school or assistance company. Other certificates, such as diagnosis certificates or similar are not valid. The companion must be at least 16 years old. If you have more companions, they pay the regular price, unless you have a certificate that can prove the need for more than one companion.

For questions about escorting, please contact us before your stay in Lofsdalen.
Email or call +46 680-553 04

Biski, Skicart och Sitski.

As of the 2017-18 season, the license requirement for biskiing was removed and replaced by a responsibility requirement on the skier and any co-skiers to have control of their equipment.
The equipment must not be dropped or otherwise damage other people, lifts or other facilities. The Biskin must be equipped with a ski stop to be used in lifts and descents, provided that the facility allows the riding equipment. Riders must wear a helmet.
The rider must also be well acquainted with how the riding gear behaves on different types of slopes and snow surfaces, as well as how to move them in the lift and handling in the event of a possible evacuation.

Sitski does not require a license. However, SLAO recommends that you take lessons from a sitski instructor to learn how to handle the equipment. In Lofsdalen there are two Sitskis for rent.

For ski carts, a valid license must always be presented, then the rider named on the license will receive a free ski pass.
In order for a skier to get a license to drive his equipment, a minimum of 10 hours of training is required. After the course and a passed test, the rider receives a license with the conditions required to be able to perform the equipment listed on the license. Total Ski School in Åre issues such licenses.
Downhill skiers with disabilities must not be allowed ahead of the lift queue. Many times, for example, skiers have a co-skier or standing ski buddies. The skier can then wait in front of the lift and the companions line up. In Lofsdalen there is 1 ski cart for rent.

Visually impaired.

Here, above all, I want to strike a blow for Lofsdalen's Ski School, which has extensive experience in accompanying the visually impaired, as the association Aktiva Synskadade has visited us on several occasions and used our ski instructors as guides/companions.
Contact or call +46 680-553 04 for more info.then wait in front of the lift and the companions line up. In Lofsdalen there is 1 ski cart for rent.