Personal Data Usage

On this page you can read about how we process your personal data and how we protect your personal privacy. If you have any questions about how your information is processed, you are always welcome to contact us.

Personal Information


Personal information is any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a physical person who is alive. For example name, social security number, address, e-mail address and telephone number. It can also be, for example booking numbers and IP-number if they can be connected to physical persons. 

1. What personal information we collect and why

Personal information is any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a natural person who is in life. For example, name, social security number, address, e-mail address and telephone number. It can also be, for example, booking numbers and IP numbers if they can be connected to natural persons.

Tasks collected for managing a booking

When you book a product at Destination Lofsdalen AB we collect personal information from you in order to fulfill your booking.

If the booking includes children, we also collect this information for the child, provided that this is required to complete the booking. Examples of such data may be

▪ Identity information, such as name, social security number, address.

▪ Contact information, such as address and e-mail address.

▪ Booking information, such as booking number, travel length, destination and which products you ordered.

▪ Information about your purchases, including what you purchased, when and where you purchased it, how you paid, and credit or other payment information.

▪ Health data, such as length, weight and shoe size to be able to adapt, for example, the ski rental.

Information collected by personal contact

We collect personal data when you contact us for the purpose of managing the customer relationship between us. In the first instance, we collect the personal data needed to answer your question or handle your case.

Tasks collected via My Pages

When you make a booking, a user identity is registered on (My Pages). We will collect your email address to create the login. At My Page you can then administer your information.

Tasks collected when you subscribe to our newsletter

If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, we collect your name and email address in order to send the newsletter.

Tasks collected when using our digital services

When you use our website, our app or any other digital service from us, we collect information about your use of the service. Some of these data may be personal data, eg. your IP number if it can be linked to physical persons. We also collect information about how you navigate the service, what searches you do and what products you are interested in. If you are logged in to My Pages or submit information that allows us to identify you, we will link the information about your user pattern with the other information we have collected about you. More information about the type of information collected in connection with the use of our digital services can be found in our cookie policy.

Tasks collected from someone other than you

When booking and when contacting us in various cases, it happens that a person provides personal information about one or more other guests in a travel company. We assume that the person who submits the data has the consent of all individuals to submit these personal data. If you have not made a booking yourself without someone else having made a booking where you are included, we collect personal information about you from that person. When you provide personal information about other guests, you must be sure that these guests agree to it and that you are allowed to hand out the information. If appropriate, you should also ensure that these understand how their personal data may be used by us.

2. How we use and store your information 

Destination Lofsdalen's legal basis to process your personal data

Destination Lofsdalen treats your personal data legally. It may be that the same personal data is processed both on the basis of several legal grounds, such as fulfilling of the contract, based on a balance of interests or specific consent from you, or on the basis that the task is necessary to fulfill other legal obligations. This means that even if you withdraw your consent and the treatment based on the consent ceases, the personal data may still be necessary for other purposes where the personal data is still needed. In essence, we treat your information to fulfill an agreement in which you are a party, such as a booking.

Management of your trip

In order to be able to deliver the services and products you have ordered from us (ie fulfill the agreement) we use your personal information in different ways. The information is used to set up the booking confirmation and other travel documents, to make accommodation booking and to make the payment of the products you have ordered. Depending on what you have ordered, such as Ski rental, Ski Pass, ski school or similar are used in the same way to deliver these products.

Administration of your booking also includes the use of your upcharges for accounting, settlement and auditing, credit or other verification of debit cards and customs controls (ie fulfill legal obligations).

In order to provide you with customer service we use your personal information in order to provide you with service if you contact us with questions, views or eg. complaints. We use your name and booking number to identify you and your booking. We use your contact information, such as an e-mail address and telephone number to be able to contact you in connection with questions and matters. We do this in order to fulfill the agreement with you and with the support of our legitimate interest to provide you with good service. We may also use the other personal information that we collected about you to handle your question or your case, depending on what is relevant in the individual case.

Dispatch of information

When you have made a booking with us, we use your personal information to send booking confirmation, important information about your future stay and offers related to the product (ie to fulfill the agreement and with the support of our legitimate interest in marketing our products and services).

Marketing and personification

We would like to send relevant offers and news to you about our products and services. Information such as information about your previous purchases, surfing habits and search settings can be used by Destination Lofsdalen to contact you by post, e-mail or phone in marketing context. In this way, we can tailor our communication to make it more relevant to you. We can also send information about partner's products and services that we think may be interesting to you.

If you do not wish to receive marketing from us, you may at any time decline this by notifying us.

Development of services and service

We use the information we collect about our customers to develop and improve our products and services. This applies to our digital services, where we analyze user behavior to develop how we present information, offers and design functions.

In essence, we use anonymous or anonymised data at an aggregated level to do this type of analysis. However, it may occur that we also use personal data that we have collected if relevant. We do this to fulfill our agreement with you and with the support of our legitimate interest to improve our services and our service.

Legal requirements

Finally, the processing of your personal data may also take place in order for us to be able to fulfill obligations according to laws and regulations, for example regarding security and accounting.

Periods of retention

We never save data longer than we need and only use your personal data for the purposes stated in this policy. Then we will safely remove your personal data. However, the same personal data can be stored in several different places for different purposes. This means that we may delete a task from a system when it is no longer needed there, while the task may continue to be stored in another system if the purpose remains for that particular system. If data is needed after this period for analytical, historical or other legitimate commercial purposes, we will take appropriate measures to anonymize these data so that they no longer constitute personal data. The personal data is stored as a basis for market and customer analyzes, for statistical purposes and for giving you a better booking offer and better service. The personal data is also saved in order for us to be able to comply with the legal requirements regarding supervision that exist for package travel and for there to be documentation about the booking in the event of a complaint. In case of complaints, certain information may be saved for ten years in order for us to have the opportunity to defend ourselves against legal claims.

If you have registered from receiving our newsletter, we will save the information needed to administer this as long as you do not deregister from the newsletter or notify us that you no longer wish to receive it.

By law, we are obliged to post and maintain certain information that constitutes accounting information. We must therefore store these data for about seven years.

3. Delivery of personal data

In order to fulfill the booking you have made with us, we may need to share your personal information with our subcontractors and partners. We only share personal information with these to the extent that it is necessary for them to be able to provide their services to you and us and they only have access to the personal data that are necessary.

Service providers

In order to fulfill the purposes of our processing of your personal data, we share your personal information with companies that provide services to Destination Lofsdalen, eg. to handle mailings. These companies may only process your personal information in accordance with our terms proper instructions and may not use your information for your own purposes. They are also required by law and contract to protect your personal data.

Contract partners and IT suppliers

We use a number of different IT services and IT systems in our business. In some of these, personal data is stored and managed. We care about your privacy and the security of your information in all such handling. Some systems are installed locally with us and it is only our staff who have access to the data. In these cases, no transfer is made to third parties. However, some systems are cloud solutions or installed at the supplier and mean that we transfer personal data to the supplier. In these cases, the supplier is our personal data assistant and handles the information on our assignment and according to our instructions.

Web Analysts

We use external suppliers for personification and analysis of user behavior on our websites and for user feedback. These companies handle personal information as a personal data assistant on our behalf. The information in question is primarily information that is collected through cookies and handled at anonymous and aggregated level.

Agents and digital partners

When you book a trip with Destination Lofsdalen via a travel agency or a website (digital partner) with which we cooperate for the marketing of our trips, it may happen that you personally provide personal information to the travel agency or the website. These personal data are responsible for and handled by the respective operator in accordance with their personal data policy.

When you book through an agent, you personally submit your personal data to the agent and agree that the agent deals with these in their business. The agent can therefore identify you eg using your booking number. We are not responsible for the agent's handling of the personal information you provided directly to the travel agency.

Providers of travel-related services

In order to provide some of the services you have ordered from us, we use subcontractors and contract partners. Often it is necessary that we provide personal information to them in order for the service to be performed.

Within the group

Our Privacy Policy applies to all Group and subsidiaries of Lofsdalens Fjällanläggningar AB. Which means that they have the same access to personal data that the specific department you have been in contact with locally. However, with the limitation that the individual employee can only see such information that is relevant for carrying out his / her duties.


If you book other travel related services via us, eg ski school or other activities, where applicable, the personal data needed to deliver the ordered service can be handed over to the person who is to perform the service. It can be the name and personal identification number of all persons on the booking, and contact information for the booker.

4. Your rights

Necessary handling of personal data and management with the support of consent

Personal data processing that is necessary for us to be able to fulfill an agreement with you or for us to be able to fulfill a legal obligation is allowed without consent. However, in order for us to be able to collect and manage your personal data for any other purpose, you agree to the processing.

Withdrawal of consent

You can at any time choose to withdraw your consent by contacting us at the contact details below. If you revoke your consent, we will anonymize the personal data we have about you, and cease the processing covered by the consent, eg. regarding profiling. It may be that the same personal data is treated both with the support of consent and on the basis that the task is necessary or with the support of other rules. This means that even if you withdraw your consent and the treatment that is based on the consent ceases, the personal data may still remain with us for other purposes.

Right to get information about which personal data we have saved about you

In addition to having online access to the personal data related to My Page or your booking, you have the right to receive a copy of the personal information we have about you.

Right to control your personal data

You have the right to request that the information about you be deleted, supplemented or corrected. You also have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be limited to certain purposes and, for example, not used for direct mail or so-called. profiling.


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