cykla i lofsdalen

Mountain biking with kids


Discovering nature together with your child should be fun and easy. Choose your adventure according to your child's age and skill level. We have built Lofsdalen Mountain park MTB with you and your children in mind. Therefore, there are different ways into the area depending on whether you want to take the chairlift or the car. There are several rest areas and bike trails with varying degrees of difficulty. The key to a fun adventure is always plenty of Swedish fika, joy and relaxation.

Welcome to the outdoors.

Barnvänlig cykling

For the family with small children under 6 years of age.

Start the day by taking the chairlift up from Lofsdalen's mountain resort. Follow the signs towards Rockringen, our easiest green trail. Which is a great bike trail to start the day with. Most of the time, it's enough with that trail and then you enjoy a good Swedish fika at the barbecue area next to the Rockringen. With our trail pass, you can take the chairlift back down. If you have more energy, you should cycle the Krocket trail up to the heart with hiking shelter and a magical view. Then you take the trail Rockstjärnan Rockardo back to Rockringen and then the chairlift down.

Bike the Panorama trail up to the heart (our trailhub). The trail is 2.2 km and the whole family can stop and have a Swedish fika at one of the many spots along the trail. Up at the Heart there are hiking shelters and a barbeque area. Here is the easy trail Little Rock that goes in a small loop as well as a wooden heart you can bike on. Take the opportunity to enjoy the view and the tranquility while the children bike safely next to it. On your way home, you can bike the Panorama trail back down, if you are up for a bigger challenge, choose the trail Rockstjärnan Rockardo and then the chairlift down to the Mountain resort or take the trail that goes back to Panorama - note that this trail is wide but quite steep both up and down. Another tip is our blue trail that goes from the wind shelter back to Hovärken's parking lot, it is more difficult than our green trails but really wide with a lot of flow and no jumps. 

Good cycling routes:

The rock ring (Rockringen)
The panorama trail (Panoramaleden) 
The rock star Rockardo (Rockstjärnan
Croquet (Krocket)
The way back to Panorama 
Tip! Take the chairlift up and down.

The family with older children over 6 years old.

  • Start the day by taking the chairlift up from Lofsdalen's Mountain resort. Then follow the Krocket trail to the heart of Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB. Now it's time for the first fika while the children bike Little Rock and the wooden heart around and around. Here is also our skill area with jump, drops and rockgardens. Then bike Rockstjärnan Rockardo and then Fjälleden down to the village again. ATTENTION! The trail Fjälleden is a blue/red trail and is much more difficult than our blue trails. If you feel unsure, take the chairlift down instead. Tip! Two single rides are included in the trail pass, so if you bike down for lunch, you can take the chairlift back up.

  • Bike the Panorama trail up to the heart. Enjoy the first fika of the day while the kids bike Little Rock and the wooden heart around and around. Here is also our skill area with jumps, drops and rock gardens. Then bike down the Rockstar Rockardo, feel free to take an extra lap along the trail Rockringen and then bike up Krocket back to the heart and then bike our new blue trail from the hiking shelters back to the parking lot again.

  • Good trails
  • From the heart with the hiking shelters, bike Rocka på to the Krocket trail and bike downhill back to the heart. Continue up again along the trail Rocka på and now bike the Top of the Rock trail that takes you back to the heart.


Lofsdalen fjällpark MTB 

Panoramaleden i Lofsdalen. Cykel och vandringsled

The panoramic trail brings joy to everyone

"We want everyone to experience the love of the mountains. That's why we created the Panoramaleden (panoramic trail), which is a 2.2 km long hiking trail with a slight incline, many rest areas and this trail is for everyone, regardless of functional ability. On this trail, we have since encountered so many different fates and seen the joy in their eyes when they can finally hike together. We have life partners who could not experience the mountains together due to age or accidents. We have met people in wheelchairs who finally had the opportunity to smell the scent of rowan flowers again. Children who experience the mountains for the first time and families who have found their trail for a simple and fun adventure. Cyclists, hikers and reindeer come together here. The panoramic trail is at its best a place for showing consideration, concern and love for each other and the mountain."

Helena Fjellgren, project manager Vision Lofsdalen.

Packing list mountain biking 

  • Sandwich, cookies and water
  • Toilet paper and bags to take home the garbage 
  • Seat pad
  • Wet wipes
  • Rain clothes
  • Warm clothing
  • Matches
  • Barbecue sticks
  • First aid is always good to have with you