Lofsdalen Epic

Lofsdalen Epic - a cross country ski competition

The Lofsdalen Epic is the end of the season for many cross-country skiers - elite and exercisers. The 2024 edition consists of two ski races that start 800 meters above sea level in the heart of Lofsdalen's Fjällanländig, which takes the skiers through calf mountains and wide views on through forest terrain down to the valley and finish line at the foot of the mountain.

Lofsdalen Epic provides a fantastic overall experience in a unique mountain environment that creates memories for life. A public festival for both riders and spectators with events before, during and after the races.
Plan to participate in an amazing race on 3/23/2024 you too!

Organizers are Lofsdalen SK and the Originals (formerly the long-distance cup).


Epic 55 
Our longest distance and main race with both competition classes and exercise
Distance: 55 km
Style: Mass start classic style
Age limit: 17 years for exercise class, 19 years for competition class

More info at lofsdalenepic.se (swedish) 

Pilgrimsloppet Epic 35

Do you miss the classic Pilgrim race? We are reintroducing a distance that measures 3.5 miles where you get to experience the magical views of the mountains but where the long run will be the longest.
Distance: 35 km
Style: Mass start classic style, exercise and DUO women's & men's
Age limit: 12 years

More info at lofsdalenepic.se (swedish) 


Martin Holmstrand, The Originals
info@lofsdalenepic.se, + 46 70-246 39 45 

Destination Lofsdalen
info@lofsdalen.com, + 46 680-413 50

Instagram: Lofsdalen Epic 
Facebook: facebook.com/lofsdalenepic