Lofsdalen Epic

Lofsdalen Epic - a cross country ski competition

Enjoy Lofsdalen Epic where you choose if you go 18, 35 or 55 kilometer classic skiing in beautiful mountain terrain. This is a great opportunity for leisure skiers to challenge the ski elite and to experience a wonderful folk festivity. The start is in the heart of Lofsdalens Alpine resort.


Epic 55 

When:  April 1st 2023
Length:  55 kilometer
Style: Mass start classic style
Start: Start group 1: 10 am (Elite/elite exerciser), Start group 2: 10.15 am(Ambition/exerciser) 
Price: For ladies elite and gentlemens elite: first place: 10 000 SEK, second place: 7500 SEK, third place 5000 SEK. Two stycken sprint price 1000 SEK/sprint
Register: here (in swedish)

More info at lofsdalenepic.se (swedish) 

Pilgrimsloppet Epic 35

When: April 1st 2023
Length: 35 kilometer
Style: Mass start classic style, exerciser ladies and & gentlemens 
Start: 11 AM 
Register: Here (swedish)

More info at lofsdalenepic.se (swedish) 

Strådalsloppet Epic 18 

When:  April 1st 2023
Lenght:  18 kilomteter
Style: Mass start classic or free style
Start: 12 am/fm.
Register: here

More info at lofsdalenepic.se (swedish)


Martin Holmstrand, The Originals
info@lofsdalenepic.se, + 46 70-246 39 45 

Destination Lofsdalen
info@lofsdalen.com, + 46 680-413 50

Instagram: Lofsdalen Epic 
Facebook: facebook.com/lofsdalenepic