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HAPPY MTB - blue trail

Trail color: Blue
Trail type: Machine excavated trail
Length: 2.4 km


This trail is the pride of Lofsdalen and there is real buzz around it. There's a new challenge waiting behind each turn. This trail has its inspiration from some of the exhilarating trails at Järvsö and Whistler.

This is a 2.5km long blue machine excavated trail. Cycle in 42 velodromes, 6 jumps, 3-step up/down and 10 rollers.  The first part is wide and has rhythm. It has nice velodromes and easier jumps. The second part is significantly tougher, with narrow velodromes and higher jumps.

If you don't want to get airborne, you can simply ride over the jumps. They have been constructed that way. This may well be the most fun trail in Sweden. Something is happening all the time!

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