Fjälleden 3,5 km - easy cicling 0-1 hours

Trail type: Wide path, machine-dug wide trail. Length: 3.5 km Welcome to "the world's best green trail" (quote from the world's top bike park designer Tom "Pro" Proschanzka).

Price information: Surcarge

Fjälleden is a designed trail perfect for beginners of 3.5 km where steering and speed control are challenged and developed. Those who are good at downhill will appreciate the technical parts, while the beginner and children will develop both steering and speed control so that they can get the blue trails with ease. There are no roots and stones that make it difficult, only the wide fine course that winds down from the kingdom of mountain birches in the magical pine forest. Wooden bridges lead cyclists across waterways and the track lacks hope and other difficulties. The trail can also be cycled with a front-damped mountain bike with disc brakes. Fullface helmet is not required on this trail.

Faciliteter och service

  • Summer