CBIS 4977987

Family hike to a bear´s den


19 | July 13:30
25 | July 13:30
26 | July 13:30
01 | August 13:30
02 | August 13:30
08 | August 13:30
09 | August 13:30
15 | August 13:30


Gather the family and join us on a hike to an abandoned bear's den. The ones brave enough get the chance to crawl in to the nest and see how it looks on the inside.

This is one of Lofsdalens most popular tours. The chance of discovering a bears nest by you self is almost impossible since they are so well hidden in nature. The whole family can join on this easily hiked tour. When we have reached our goal we offer you all some typical Swedish fika. The trip is about 3,5 km. This hike is executed every Thursday and Friday from 1.30 PM and takes about 2-3 hours. The hike starts from the parking lot right by Panorama.

For the hike to happen we need at least 5 participants. We have the right to cancel the tour with 24 hours' notice unless there are not enough participants.