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5 slopes you shouldn´t miss during your ski day

Tired of always taking the same path down ride after ride? Do you want to know where lay the best carving turn or where it's the most fun to ski for children? Here we list 5 runs that should be given on every ski day with motivations. 


The children's given favorite - A blue adventure slope with natural velodromes, terrain waves, forest paths and jumps. Here you ride over and over again regardless of age and there are always new paths to discover so every ride is always a new experience. To get to Äventyret, take the Lången Express lift and turn right to Skiers right, then go a bit and turn left.


Tvären is a bit of a hidden gem situated between the lifts Bergsliften and Tvärenliften. To get here you can either take the Lången Express and Bergsliften or you can get here from the top via Toppvägen. This is a really enjoyable red slope that follows the mountains natural variations for a enjoyable carving experience. Fewer people also finds this part of the ski area so if you are lucky you will get the hill for yourself!


This is also a great carvingslope that is situated to the skiers right after getting of the Toppen Express lift. It has a red incline and is one of the widest slopes in the resort which allows you to maintain a good speed when skiing. It also features scenic views over the village and the surrounding mountains. At the end of the slope you can choose to take one the blue or green slopes all way down or take the lift up for another run. 


This combination of slopes is a real must to try when skiing in Lofsdalen. From the top of Hovärken you ski the Toppen slope for a short while before you turn left into Toppvägen. The slope meanders along the mountain and on a clear day it offers a vast view of the lake Lofssjön and mountains. You follow this slope until in ends at the Tvären lift where you turn right onto the blue slope Hemvägen which you follow all the way down to the start of the resort and Lången Express. Then you have mastered 492 vertical meters and almost 3.5 km of slopes!


A slope that the name suggests is a favorite for the whole family and especially for children getting tired of the children's slope but still needs a relatively easy practice slope. The slope follows Lången Express right side seen from above and is easy to find when you get off the lift. This slope is also a lot calmer than others, great for unexperienced ski legs.