Vildmarksleden MTB 14.7 km - difficult cycle path

News! Welcome to cycle the Wilderness Trail, follow the flags. We are still working along the trail but you are welcome to cycle it.
The trail for those who love trail cycling. Follow stenrutsleden MTB and then continue out onto the mountain. Sometimes messy trail with stone, clay and roots. A tough uphill climb takes you up the mountain and meets the trail Sömlingshågna around, where the view is outstanding and a really good hand-dug downhill trail awaits you. Vildmarksleden then merges with stenrutsleden MTB and then continues past the waffle hut down to Västvallen's parking lot.
Open: 25 June - 25 August 2021

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Trailpass required (purchased via swish or at Destination Lofsdalen)

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