Fatbikeåkare med Hovärken i bakgrunden

Experience different activities on your ski holiday

Isn't it wonderful with ski holiday and long days in the slope or in the cross country trails. But sometimes you may not want to spend all day on your skies or the there are someone your company that rather does other things on their vacation. Then there's good to know that the swedish mountains has a lot more to offer, even without skies on you feet.

Lofsdalen offers except a ski resort a vast mountain range where you can experience activities over the ordinary. Here follows a couple examples:

Fat bike/Electric-Fat bike

A new activity that has gained popularity in recent years is fatbiking, mountain bikes with large tires that can be cycled all year round. In the winter, you can ride these on snowmobile trails and in this way soundless experience the mountains in a new way. If you do not like to ride uphill you can bring it on the terrain vehicles up to Passet or rent the electric version that makes the uphill slopes easy.

Snow shoe hiking

Hiking and winter may not be something that you connect, but the fact is that it is easy and a truly unique experience. You can choose to either follow the marked hiking and snowmobile trails or - if you want a greater challenge walk free up the mountain.

Go with terrain vehicle to Våffelstugan

A true nature experience in a roadless land. One must not leave Lofsdalen without first enjoying this classic. Ride inside the terrain vehicle or ride on the rope behind the vehicle with skis and enjoy a waffle or a simple lunch. You can also go on a wilderness night when, among other things, bear meat and hunting stories are on the menu. An unbeatable experience.

Dog sledding

Swish through the Lofsdalen mountain scenery behind the Siberian Husky dogs. Feel the power of the four-legged friends while enjoying the surroundings around Glöte and Lofsdalen. 

Go on a guided snow mobile tour

Are you eager to test snowmobiling but don't want to do it on your own? Then you can go along one of the snowmobile rental's guided tours. Choose between family trip, barbecue trip or evening trip. All tours start with a review on how to drive a snowmobile and neither pre-knowledge nor driver's license is required.

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