Trail 21 - Rockringen

Easy Trail
Length- 0,8 km
Approx time - 10 min

Starting point / parking space - Spårcentralen at Hovärksparkeringen or Lången express end.

Rockringen winds its way through the mountain landscape and several wooden bridges, make the trail extra fun for the kids. The easiest road hereis with the seat lift Lången Express where friendly lift hosts help you with bicycles and children. It is also possible to reach the trail from the west, as you take the Hovärkspakeringen at Panorama and up to Whiskyvägen - (gravel road which goes through Fjällparken MTB). Barbecue area is available at the beginning of the biketrail.

Thank you for purchasing a Trailpass. You enable us to continue to develop and maintain our trails so they can last for generations. You can buy a trail pass at With the trail pass, you can also take two single trips with the lift per day, so a tip is to start the day at the mountain facility, see the lift's opening hours.

Faciliteter och service

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