Trail 11 - Storfjäten - Lofsdalen (Dalaleden)

Black hiking trail
Length - 26 km
Time - 7-12 hours
Start: Storfjäten

A somewhat demanding mountain hike towards Härjedalen past Fonnfjället and Häggingfjället. Hiking between these fabulous landscapes like Dalarna and Härjedalen is just a journey for the soul! When you go on this trail with wonderful plants and unusual fauna, you can start to understand how amazing Sweden is.

The trail requires that you have proper hiking boots and not all too bad physics because it is still quite demanding for a beginner.

The start of the actual trail goes through a small cottage area and the end of it you will find the beginning of the selected trail! What's important when it's the first time you go between Storfjäten - Lofsdalen is not to choose the summer trail that starts right after the road! Instead - continue along the path of the cottage area until the end.

The trail goes on both shovel and trail, in addition, when you have come as far as Passet, there are big, big rocks that make a pair of boots to be preferred. A pair of walking rods are great to bring along, provides support and work out of the whole body at the same time.

About half way, you will reach Hågntjärn where we can really recommend you to have a well-deserved rest, a warm cabin with privy is available or why not settle down at the water and take off your boots and dip your tired feet in a cool bath! Lovely!

After going through the pass, which is certainly a balanced exercise in itself, a magnificent mountain view will meet you. First yuo will see the mountain Hovarken and then our southernmost National Park Sonfjället with all its splendor and several other mountains. At the top we can really recommend turning 180 degrees to enjoy the Grövelsjöns mountain massive. But even Nipfjället and Städjan will probably try to get your full attention!

Now the journey begins towards Lofssjön, and at Stenrut the cabin you will find other markings than Kryssen, it says "summer trail" and you should definitely follow those markings. Parts of that trail are part of the Pilgrim Trail where there are marked small waist high sticks with Pilgrim's cross on. Walking along the summer path can be so exciting when you look for our fabulous wild orchids that hide along the path.

Once at Västvallen you have finished a hiking trip of 26.0 km! Good work and we hope you have enjoyed this hike as we usually do!

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