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Wildlife safari


18 | July 21:00
25 | July 21:00
01 | August 20:00
01 | August 21:00
15 | August 20:00


You´ll explore the beautiful surroundings of Lofsdalen and Glöte together with a guide that drives the car. Listen to stories and learn more about nature. Have a nice cup of coffee and keep your eyes open for wildlife; bear, moose and bird.

The tour starts at Karin's Sportbod in Lofsdalen at 20:00 or 21:00 on Thursdays.
Other days than Thursdays can be booked on Request.

Minimum is 4 and max 8 persons per tour. The organizer has the right to cancel the tour 24 hours before if it´s to few people.

The trip takes between 2,5-3 hours.
In the car we are safe for wildlife.

We offer drinks and a taste of our self-made bear sausage.
You can borrow a binaculars.

As we follow the dusk, the start times vary for the tours. Contact Destination Lofsdalen +46 (0) 860-413 50 or your guide at +46 (0) 70 - 216 00 60 to get precise times.