Visit Loffe´s hut



  • Winter


  • Phone +46 0680-553 04
  • Website
  • Email [email protected]
  • Address Högbäcksvägen 3 - 840 85 - Lofsdalen
  • Hours Thursdays during ski season.
    Time: from 1.30 PM

Come along for an exciting treasure hunt and snowmobile tour to Loffe´s hut

Oh no! Loffe has lost his treasure chest! Can you help Loffe find it? Loffe will pick up all kids in his sleigh. Jump aboard and get comfy on the soft reindeer skins.

You and your new friends will go together on an exciting snowmobile tour to Loffe’s hut. It’s somewhere here in the forest that Loffe has lost his treasure chest. Wondering where it may be?