Pilgrimsloppet - celebrate easter with a classic ski competition

Enjoy Pilgrimsloppet, a 30 km classic skiing contest in beautiful mountain terrain. This is a great opportunity for leisure skiers to challenge the ski elite and to experience a wonderful folk festivity. The start is at Sweden’s highest located village and the finish is in beautiful Lofsdalen. The winner is awarded with 10,000 SEK. 2nd and 3rd place wins 5,000 SEK and 3,000 SEK respectively.


Competition classes and registration

Classes: Women and men
Date: April 21, 2019
Start: Högvålen at 11.00 (masstart)
Finish: Lofsdalen center (Lofsdalen Panorama if we don´t have enough snow)
Registration fee: 400 SEK/person before the 30/3. 500 SEK/person 31/3-19/4.
Last day for registration: 19 april 2019
After registration: Possible day before the race at Karins Sportbod 12-18 or at the starting area on the competition day at 9-10 (only swish or cash payment). 600 SEK/person.
Number tags: To be collected on the 20th of April at 12.00-18.00 at Karin Sportbod or by the starting area on race day.

" All participate at your own risk.
The organizer waives from all liability for what happens during or in connection with the contest. "


In 2018, Vasalopp winner Andreas Nygaard, Burfjord IL won the men's class and Olympic medalist Stina Nilsson, IFK Mora in the women's class.


Instagram: pilgrimsloppet
Facebook: facebook.com/pilgrimsloppet
Mail: [email protected]

Track profile and map

Pilgrimsloppet,a 30 km classic skiing contest in beautiful mountain terrain. The start is at Högvålen 778 meters above sea level and the first 9 km of the race takes you up to about 888 meters above sea level. The finish is either down in Lofsdalen city, if the snow permits, or up at Lofsdalen Panorama (840 meters above sea level).

Track profil Pilgrimsloppet version 1
Trackprofil Pilgrimsloppet version 2
Map Pilgrimsloppet


First one across the finish line in Men and Women class wins 10,000 kr, 2: 5000 SEK and 3th prize 3000 SEK

Everyone who completes the race has this year the chance to win an electric bike, Bianchi Oltre , worth 37,990 SEK. This is thanks to our sponsor Cykelservice, powered by Bianchi. It's just one of all the nice prices.

Award ceremony takes place at 14:00.

The price Bianchi Oltre XR1 Ultegra 2*11 värd 37 990 SEK is sponsored by Cykelservice.

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Bianchi Oltre
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Discover Lofsdalen on classic skiis