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5 cross country trails you can't miss in Lofsdalen

Bodil Åslund works at the trail company Lofsdalsspår that is in charge of Lofsdalens nordic ski- and snowmobile trails. She spends most of the winter making the conditions as good as possible for the village's visitors. Here she lists her top 5 ski trails you can't miss during your stay. 

5. Petterssonspåret

For those who want to train and gather miles for an endurance race such as Vasaloppet - we recommend this trail. The structure and incline of the trail provide a good "Vasalopp sensation". TIP! Combine Petterssonspåret with Hovärksspåret for a maximum training session!

4. Sömlingshågna runt

The beautiful touring trail of the southern mountain range. The feeling in the moment when "Passet" opens up and lets the eye meet the vast mountain range is undescribable!! This is Lofsdalen's own favorite spot – a memory that you need to take home with you. 

3. Östan

Sometimes feels like our "forgotten" trail. The trail goes into the lower forest terrain and is an incredibly fun skating track with its hilly terrain. Recommended for those who want to take a short workout an afternoon/evening.

2. Upper Strådalsleden, Upper Petterssonspåret, Upper Hovärksspåret

A beautiful and pleasant exercise trail, that offers perfect warm up on the upper Strådalsleden before the more demanding skiing up to Kvaråsen and the upper part of Hovärksspåret. The workout session is framed by a fantastic mountain setting which gives it an extra dimension. 

1. Lussileden

By far our most beautiful ski trail that takes you through the tundra with mountain peaks at 360 degrees. Pure recreation for body and soul!


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