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Pilgrimsloppet - celebrate easter with a classic ski competition

Enjoy Pilgrimsloppet, a 30 km classic skiing contest in beautiful mountain terrain. This is a great opportunity for leisure skiers to challenge the ski elite and to experience a wonderful folk festivity. The start is at Sweden’s highest located village and the finish is in beautiful Lofsdalen. The winner is awarded with 10,000 SEK. 2nd and 3rd place wins 5,000 SEK and 3,000 SEK respectively.


About the race

When: April 12th 2020
Who: Ladies och Gents in separate 
Start: Högvålen at 11 am (everyone starts at the same time)
Goal: Lofsdalen village or Lofsdalen Panorama (depending on snow availability)
Cost: 400 SEK/person before March 22nd 2020. After 500 SEK/person
Last day of registration: April 10th 2020
Late registration: April 11th 2020,  600 SEK/person at Karins Sportbod between 12-9 PM or at the race arena on the 12th of April at 9-10 AM (pay by swish or cash).

More info about the race about to come - we will keep you posted at Pilgrimsloppets Facebook-page (only in Swedish).  

Competitors, functionaries and spectators participate respectively. Attend at your own risk.
The organizer exempts from any liability for damages for what happens during or in connection with the race.

Results and participants

Winner 2019 was Oskar Kardin (Team Ragde Eiendom)  and Ebba Andersson (Sollefteå Skidor IF)

Resultat 2019 (swedish)
Resultat 2018 (swedish)
Resultat 2017 (swedish)
Resultat 2016 (swedish)

Deltagarlista 2019 (swedish)


Instagram: pilgrimsloppet
Facebook: facebook.com/pilgrimsloppet
Mail: [email protected]


First place: 10 000 SEK

Second place: 5000 SEK

Third place: 3000 SEK  

In addition, all participants has chance to win other nice lottery-prizes. 

Price ceremony will be at the finish arena at 2 PM on the 12th of April, 


Frågor kring tävling & sponsorskap
Martin Holmstrand, The Originals
[email protected], 070-246 39 45 

Frågor kring boende
Destination Lofsdalen
[email protected], 0680-413 50

Instagram: Lofsdalen Epic 
Facebook: facebook.com/lofsdalenepic