flytta till lofsdalen


This place has been called Lapsadall, Lovsjungaredalen and finally Lofsdalen. The things we love have many names and, for us, Lofsdalen has always been a small mountain village with an extensive skiing area. Our village, which nestles close to the mountains and offers views of the sparkling lake, has a history stretching back to the 15th century. The first people to live here were attracted by the excellent fishing and good hunting.



Lofsdalen’s beautiful location on the shores of the lake surrounded by high mountains is what brought the first residents here. Most visitors came for the excellent fishing and the good hunting. The Pilgrim trail also passed nearby and many pilgrims were captivated by the wild and beautiful mountain landscape.

In the mid 20th century, tourism began to develop. More and more people discovered the stunning mountain scenery and excellent skiing in Lofsdalen. Initially, ski touring was most popular, but it soon became clear what Hovärken mountain had to offer.