Early Spring tips for families from a Lofsdalen Local

Emma Edegern has been a tourist in Lofsdalen since she was little. She has since then gone from beeing a tourist to a local. Because of this she knows the village and it´s secret hideaways very well. Emma works at the ski shop Karins Sportbod- come and say hi to her during your visit.


Emma Edejern

1.   Ski touring to Stenrutstugan

Bring your cross-country skis or touring skis and take the snowcat up to the mountains on the south side. Exit the snowcat where it turns around and take your skis down to Stenrutstugan. It´s a place with a nice view and good place to bring your own lunch. Make a fire or fry your hot dogs on the woodstove inside the cottage. Then take your skis down to the village again. You can also take the snowcat down, from Våffelstugan about 1 km from Stenrutstugan.


2.   Enjoy stunning views at the windshelter Snödåsen

At the top of the ridge named Snödåsen, along the snow-mobile trail (Åsvallsleden) is a windshelter with stunning panoramic views. Get there by snow-mobile or ski along the snow-mobile trail från Slagavallen (2 km) or from Lofsdalen village (about 10 km). Enjoy the sping sun and the amazing views.


3.   Cross-country tour with the children in a sled

Take the XC-trail Strådalsleden down to grillkåtan (Grill Hut) for a snack break. Then continue over to Pettersonspåret and up and over the ridge Kvarnåsen. Enjoy the view before you continue downhill. When at the crossing Hovvärksspåret/ Petterssonspåret, take another snack break at this grill hut. Or you can proceed along Hovvärksspåret and get back to the start of the trail. 14 fantastic kilometers, hopefully in the spring sun!


4. Full in the sun pit?

There in an extra popular sun pit in Lofsdalen, along the XC-trail Övre Strådalsleden. So there´s a chans it might be full. But stay calm, there’s another one further away that are less known. There’s also a windshelter a few hundered meters above. Note that it’s situated along the summer trail towards Digervålen, so you’ll have to make your own tracks. But it’s definitly worth it!


5.  Sled race in Glöte

The best sledding hill lies in Glöte, about 15 kilometers from Lofsdalen. The sledding hill is situated just along the main road on the left hand side from Lofsdalen. There’s a clear sign on the main road.


6.  Exciting snow-shoe hike

Walk with snow-shoes in untouched terrain. Start from the parking lot ”Hovärksparkeringen” and hike the trail to the summit. Find your own spot along the way and dig a snow-sofa, grill hot dogs, go bum sliding and enjoy the sun!


The Children's Lofsdalen

  • Wide easy slopes
  • Two children's lifts and a magic carpet
  • Friendly and helpful lifthosts that loves to teach mini-skiers to ride the lift
  • Children's area in the slope with a ski-carousel, cones and figures
  • Group ski-school from 3 years of age
  • Private ski-school possible for children less than 3 years old
  • Skiing with Loffe, Lofsdalens own mascot
  • Treasure hunt and trips to Loffe's cabin
  • Miniature snow-park with wide boxes and small jumps for mini-jibbers 
  • The largest indoor playground in Härjedalen is situated in Aktivitetshuset, right at the slopes
  • Free family nights with snow-racing and hot dogs


Winter facts about Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen is a mountain village that offers family-frindly alpine skiing and ski-toring together with cross-country skiing. The alpine season premiere is December 8. 

  • 9 ski lifts
  • 25 slopes
  • Skicross course
  • 3 snow parks
  • 122 kilometers cross-counry skiing for skate and classic
  • 150 kilometers of ski touring trails
  • 150 kilometers snow-mobile trails
  • Activity center with bowling and playground



    En enkel topptur för hela familjen. Du startar direkt på fjället vid Hovärksparkeringen och följer den spångade leden mot solgropen, fortsätt sedan förbi upp mot toppen av Digervålen 1032 m.ö.h.

    Länk: Digervålen (Led 12) 

    Längd: 5,4 km T&R

    Tid: 1-2 timmar

    Start: Spårcentralen vid Hovärksparkeringen

    Ledfärg: blå (lätt)



    Södra sidan Lofssjön är Härjedalens Sarek. Orörd natur och oändliga vidder. Följ stigen mot Hågntjärn och vik sedan av på lämpligt ställe upp mot toppen som är 1196 m.ö.h. Vägen upp till toppen har flera stora stenblock och är bitvis svår att vandra.

    Länk: Sömlingshågna (Led 13)

    Längd: 17 km T&R

    Tid: 7-8 timmar

    Start: Spårcentralen vid Västvallen

    Ledfärg: svart (expert)


    Fantastiska vidder medan du rundar Svanhågna och på lämpligt ställe tar dig upp för Svanhågna 1178 m.ö.h.

    Länk: Svanhågna (Led 10)

    Längd: 15 km T&R

    Tid: 7-8 timmar

    Start: Spårcentralen vid Västvallen

    Ledfärg: svart (expert)