New tastes awaits in Lofsdalen this winter

The culinary scen in Lofsdalen will be even better this winter season due to the new restaurant Skoterköket and the restaurant Trapper that will have a new tenant.   

Lofsdalen have long been proud to offer a wide range of restaurants, such as the Lofsdalen Skybar, whiskey storage and bar at the top of the mountain Hovärken and Våffelstugan, which offers taste experiences in a roadless land.

Just in time for the winter season, the scene will be even greater with the restaurant Skoterköket that opened last summer and the classic Trapper Saloon that changes shape with a new tenant.

Skoterköket is located in newly built premises overlooking Lofssjön and the mountain peaks in the south. The food that is cooked is made from raw materials derived from nearby forests and mountains. On the menu there are local delicacies such as moose with roast beef and seared arctic char served with mushroom risotto.

- Our ambition is to take responsibility for the whole animal. Therefore, we only buy whole animals and leave nothing to waste. We cook the bones to bouillon that are the foundation of our sauces and stuws, says Sandra Maarva, restaurant manager at Skoterköket.

Trapper Restaurant and Bar is a real Lofsdalen favorite with its location in the middle of the village and outdoor terrace with solar wall. Here visitors and villagers have long come to enjoy pizza and dinner or for a theme evening with live music and nightclub.

The new arranger Jonathan Nordqvist sees great potential in the premises and on December 10, a completely new menu will be launched. The menu will both contain inspiration from the American West and from Italy with real Italian pizzas.

- My idea is also to invest a lot in events with live bands every Saturday where we will have a bus service from Sveg. We will also host discos, troubadours and other theme nights, "says Jonathan.

Food & beverage facts Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen offers a varied food and beverage scene with unique taste experiences serving everything from hot dog to bear steak.

- 8 restaurants and cafés in winter

- Lofsdalen Skybar 1125 m. with Europe's highest situated whiskey storage

- Recurring events in collaboration with Mackmyra Whiskey

- Activity house with sports bar, playground and bowling.

- Orsholms Brygghus, local small scale beer brewery