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Mountain bike



  • Summer


A summer cycling holiday in Sweden does not get better than this. Peaceful, unpretentious and accessible. Choose from easy cycling at a slow pace or tough bike training.

Choose between easy cycling at slow pace or tough training.

Check out our new teack (2019) Stenrutsleden. 12 km of fun MTB-tracks that takes you through the olf forrest up to the maountains and down again.

If you want to start the cycling high up on the mountain range, you can take the lift from the ski area / bike park. At the descent awaits more fun crosscountrie trails with amazing views. For the smallest kids we recommend the short 1,8 and 2 km tracks. The rest of you should take the 3,5 km track Fjälleden down. A fun and exciting track.

Enjoy a day trip and cycle the 40 km around lake Lofssjön. Stop for a snack-break at one of the many rest areas.