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Lofsdalen Panorama


  • Internet
  • Sauna
  • Dish washer
  • Barbecue
  • Ski in/Ski out through transport slope


* Rustic natural stone and timber
* Exclusive accommodation
* Magnificent views
Lofsdalen Panorama is located with the mountain Hovärken in the back and you´ll have a beautiful view over the valley from here. The rustic houses have both skiing trails and hiking trails right outside the house. The houses are of wood, where the colors and the furniture is custom to give each house its personal touch. The custom furniture is made of oak and the floors of beautiful natural stone, slate and oak.

Your accommodation is available from 15:00 hours until 10:00 hours on the departure day. Please, respect the departure time, because we need to check your accommodation before the next guest.
When you leave your apartment, make sure that you´ve cleaned well. Final cleaning can be ordered for a fee, please call (+46)0680-413 50 if you would like to order cleaning.
If you have ordered final cleaning, the departure time is 9:00 o´clock am.

Remember that consumables such as toilet paper are not included in the rent.

Service in Lofsdalen: Nearest bank office is in Sveg (65 km). ICA Nära are agent for pharmacy and liquor store. Healthcare, please call 1177 (no area code) where you can get advice from an experienced nurse. In acute illness, call 112.