Hiking with Rutger - mountain guide (sv/eng/nl)

Rutger van Dillen is a dutchman living in Lofsdalen. As a private guide he shares his passion for nature. Book a mountain hike after your requirement.

Do you love hiking in the mountains and forests but don’t want to worry about planning your
route? Then maybe it’s time to consider hiring a private guide who can show you all the local
highlights in and around Lofsdalen!

Discover Härjedalens beautiful forest and mountain environments like Lofsdalens own mount
Hovärken, Sömlingshågna in Vedungsfjällen on the borders between Dalarna and Jämtland.
Or why not venture out into Sonfjället National Park, Sweden’s oldest national park which is
only about an hour’s drive from Lofsdalen.

There is a hike for everyone, no matter your age or level of experience. One of the
advantages of booking a private guide is that we can create a hiking experience that will suit
the whole group. So no matter if you’re thinking about a half day trip, a whole day trip or
maybe even a multiday hike where you spend the night in a tent, we’ve got you covered! Or
as we say in Sweden; ‘vi fixar det’!

Please let us know if you are interested in discovering our beautiful mountains.>
E-mail Rutger van Dillen at [email protected] or call +46 76-829 55 22.
Rutger speaks Swedish, English, Dutch/Flemish and can understand German.

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Contact information

Phone: 076-829 55 22.

Contact person name: Rutger

Email: [email protected]