Cross country cykel

Bike weekend

In the beginning of August every year Lofsdalen arrenges Bike Weekend. This event with bike races, clinics and bike tests is popular for both downhill cyclists, families and friends.

In the Bike Park there is full speed with downhill clinics and bike tests. The weekend ends with the traditional cross-country competition Lofssjön Runt, which attracts both professionals as well as athletes. There is both a children's competition, the traditional stretch of approximately 42 km around Lofssjön and a tougher variant that ends with a trip up and down the ski slopes in Hovärken.


The competition is a two-class exercise race. Exercise and Exercise Tough.

The exercise class goes round the beautiful Lofssjön, 42 km.
Exercise Tough, about 50 km cycles the same course at the beginning but ends with a tougher climb up the mountain and then down the Lofsdalen Bike Park. A tougher challenge simply.

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Lofsdalstrampet is takes place one hour before Lofsjön Runt. Lofsdalstrampet is a race for the youngest (0-12 years) The race goes around a short course in central Lofsdalen.

The youngest (0-7 years) cycle a lap and the older children cycle two turns. All participants receive sausage and memorial plaques after the course.


Resultats 2017

Resultats 2016


Lofsdalen SK and the competition team would like to thank you very much for your functionaries who helped with the competitions and to the companies that sponsor both manpower and prices!