Hovärken i solnedgång

5 Steps to an instagram friendly summer

We've all seen them. Those perfect holiday images that bombard the social media flow every summer. If it's not pictures of white sandy beaches on the Mediterranean, it is a winding city or an Asian jungle.

So how do you do to break through the noise on social media and come up with something new that no one else uploads?

Vacationing in the Swedish mountains is something that more and more people discover, but which so far is not as mainstream as travel south. It gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd! You also do not have to go far, in Lofsdalen in southern Härjedalsfjällen there are magnificent nature and adrenaline-raising activities just 5 hours from Stockholm. We give you a top five list of the instagram-friendly moments you can experience.

  1. Take magnificent mountain pictures after short hike
    In Lofsdalen there are 150 km of hiking trails, which means that there are new paths to discover every day! If you walk up through Passet on the south side of lake Lofssjön you will be met by a magnificent view far into Dalarna which resembles mountains far up in the north or alpine peaks in the south. If you want a shorter trip with beautiful views, a trip up the Digervålen is recommended, only 5 km round trip.
  2. Become superman at Lofsdalen Bike Park
    Whether you have tested downhill cycling earlier or if it's your first time, an adrenaline kick is guaranteed that lasts all week and lots of cool photos! With the protective gear that comes with renting a bike, you look like superman or wonderwoman when you come riding downhill and you easily look like a pro! The bike park offers a total of 8 trails in all levels of difficulty, so there are challenges for both the beginner and the experienced rider.
  3. Bear in sunset
    An image that we promise you'll be alone to post is the one on a wild bear in its natural environment. This you can experience by testing the activity Lofsdalen Bear's Den. You drive out to a secret place outside the village where there is a cottage with an observation room. The cottage is right next to a feeding place and besides brown bear you can spot wolverines, moose and other wild animals. You sit there during the night and scout when the bears come for their evening meal.
  4. Pose with a 9 kg heavy trout
    The fishing in Lofsdalen is varied and offers a large fishing area with ponds, mountain lakes, flowing water and the over 20 km long lake Lofssjön. You can fish for Grayling, Arctic char, Burbot and Trout. The largest trout that was pulled up of Lofssjön weighed in at 9.75 kg and was 90 cm long. The next time may be your turn and you'll have a real triumph picture to post!
  5. Take a unique beach image
    Just because you are in the mountains doesn't mean that you need to leave the swimwear at home. In the middle of Lofsdalen center lies the village's own playa with a fine sandy beach and jetty which is a popular haunt during hot summer days. Here you can take the classic beach picture with both mountain and beach in the same picture. Can it get any better?


Summer facts Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen is a mountain village in Härjedalen with hiking trails, XC trails, DH trails, rich fishing waters and endless views.

  • Modern 6-chair lift with stable bike racks
  • 16 km family-friendly downhill trails
  • 63 kilometers XC leader (cycling on path, road and gravel)
  • 150 kilometers of hiking trails
  • Activity house with bowling alley and indoor playground 
  • Bicycle rental and bicycle guides
  • Nearby fish-rich lakes, rivers and mountain streams
  • Bear activities such as Bear´s Den and wildlife-safari