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Summer news in Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen in Härjedalen is changing to its summer costume. Skiers are replaced by hikers, fishermen and cyclists. The mountain changes color from  white to variations of green. Where the ice lay like a thick lid over water, deep blue mountain lakes emerge. In front of the barmark season, a series of news is waiting for summer guests. The equipment is part of the project Lofsdalen Masterplan 2.0, which started in September 2015, aimed at attracting more visitors, both national and international.

XC-TRAILS Starting in July, the construction of a completely new trail starts on the south side of Lofssjön. The trail will be about 15 kilometers long and is expected to be finish during August. Three marked XC trails are already available today. The trails run both on the mountain as well as on the dirt road and paths. The trail around Lofssjön is 42 kilometers. For those who want to ride shorter distances, suitable for families with children, there are two trails on the mountain Hovärken. One is 1.8 kilometers and the other is 2 kilometers.

OUTDOOR GYM In connection with Elljusspåret, an outdoor gym has been built. A fun and strengthening stop during a run.

WIND SHIELDS A total of three new wind shields, two adjacent to Lofssjön and one on the mountain near rich fishing waters will be built up in the early summer. At one of the windshields at Lofssjön, a wheelchair-friendly recreation area with a view of the mountain Hovärken is built. There is also possibility of grilling.

APP Information about Lofsdalens trails and tracks can be found in a new app, whether it's summer or winter. The winter section of the app has information about alpine slopes, cross country tracks, trails and scooter trails. In summer, guests can read about hiking and cycling trails. The app is called LOFSDALEN and is developed for both Andriod and iOS mobiles. The same information contained in the app is also available on the web at the address

– When the project ends in December, we have added approximately 13 million to expand and improve activities for visitors, both summer and winter. And in addition to the money, a number of invaluable non-profit working hours. It is a great opportunity for the village to be able to make this development, says Torsten Byström, project manager for Lofsdalen Masterplan 2.0.


Lofsdalen Masterplan 2.0

The Visiting Business Project Lofsdalen Masterplan 2.0 aims at creating a long-term and sustainable destination for an international market. Furthermore, the investment will increase the economic benefits for the business community in Lofsdalen, thereby increasing the number of jobs as well as increasing Lofsdalen's competitiveness as a destination. The project is financed by the industry in Lofsdalen and through public funds from  Tillväxtverket (Regional Development Fund), Region Jämtland Härjedalen, County Administrative Board and Härjedalen Municipality. The project is ongoing until 31/12 2018.

Summer fact

Lofsdalen is a village in Härjedalen with hiking trails, XC trails, DH trails, rich fishing and infinite views.

  • Modern 6-chair lift with stable bicycle rack

  • 16 km family-friendly downhill tracks

  • 46 km XC-tracks (cycling on path, road and gravel)

  • 150 km of hiking trails

  • Activity house with bowling and playland

  • Bike rental and bike guides

  • Near lakes, streams and mountain streams for fishing.