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Eight tips for a good ski holiday in Lofsdalen - when the companys knowledge of skiing is on different levels


Is your partner not as in love with skiing as you are? You're probably not alone in longing for skiing while your other half wants to do something else on your vacation. But a ski resort does not only mean skiing from morning to evening. And you do not have to be as good skiers to go together. Here are tips for those who want help with the winter holiday arguments!


1 Lofsdalen is the small village with great skiing. Whether you are doing different activities one day you will still be near each other- the lunch is just one ski drive away.

2 You do not have to ski together. Decide which slope you are going to go, and ski at your own speed. The fast rider does not have to wait and the slower one does not feel stressed. For a moment you can be apart!

3 Go on a snowmobile safari. An adventure with snowmobile out on the mountains is a fun break from skiing. Steaming hot coffee by the open fire are guaranteed to be the year's most magical experience. Waffle with cloudberry jam at Våffelstugan is always appreciated!

4 Try the cross country trails. Slide together in the cross country trails. After a while, you can speed up the pace with more energy and technical units.

5 Be indoors! It's great to spend a day inside too. At Aktivitetshuset there are bowling alleys, shuffelboard and pizza!

6 Try dog sledding. Sitting in a sledge behind dogs that runs at full speed, with the snow as a dung between the mountain barks.Definitely worth missing some skiing hours for this!

7 Accommodation near slopes and cross country trails. In Lofsdalen everything is near by, the slopes, the cross country trails, the supermarket, shops and activities.

8 Hire a ski instructor. Cross-country skiing or alpine skiing becomes so much fun as knowledge gets a push forward by a teacher. Do it together and spur each other!

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