Affordable ski trip with a lot of snow

January is a magical month for skiing. Go skiing in a beautiful snow landscape between snow-covered trees, breathe in the crispy air and let the beautiful light fill your energy. During January, visitors are few and the ski slopes keep high quality throughout the whole day. We have great deals on lodging, cross country skiing, children's activities and ski passes.


Price comparison skipass
Week 2-4 2019

Lofsdalen 290 SEK 1250 SEK
Vemdalen 410 SEK 1905 SEK
Branäs 420 SEK 1895 SEK
Åre 450 SEK 2170 SEK
Sälen 410 SEK 1905 SEK
Kläppen 390 SEK 1800 SEK
Idre 430 SEK 1860 SEK
Stöten 455 SEK 1875 SEK
Funäsfjällen 300 SEK 1585 SEK