stenrutsleden mtb
stenrutsleden mtb

New MTB-track takes Lofsdalen as a biking resort to the next level

Lofsdalen, the small village with the big mountains in Härjedalen keeps on investing in xc-tracks. This summers big news is the well made MTB-track of 12 km that opens up on June 19. The tracks runs through a beautiful old forrest and up over the mountains. 


Investing in biking is nothing new to Lofsdalen. Since several years back Lofsdalen Bike Park has offered 8 family friendly DH-tracks. With this new MTB-track called Stenrutsleden MTB Lofsdalen will take it's XC-biking to new levels. 

-    Stenrutsleden MTB is a unique bikingexperience with magnificent views, says Helena Fjellgren, Project manager in Logsdalen. 

The new track has been given a lot of processing to become a playful track high up on the mountain. The track is graded as a blue track. This means that it's not for the smallest kids or you who haven't biked before. 

-    It feels great to be able to offer a long and well built MTB-track up on the mountain. It's perfect for both electric bikes as well as regular MTBs, says Helena.


Helena Fjellgren
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Digital map over the track